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The Roman Empire - Research Paper Example

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Instructor Date Roman Empire The Roman Empire was one of world’s strongest and well established kingdoms. The empire had properly established social structures that served various purposes towards unification and solidification of the empire…
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The Roman Empire Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Circuses on the other hand were centers that hosted sports such as horse races. The first and perhaps the biggest circus in the Roman Empire was the Circus Maximus. This circus stood between Palatine Hill and the Aventine. The circus had an attractive shape that made it suitable for hosting chariot races while at the same time providing good grounds for spectators to watch the field events while standing on the hillsides. Gill demonstrates that Circus Maximus served important purposes as it hosted yearly celebration of popular and important events in the empire. Circus Maximus in Rome: Courtesy of Gill, As one way of ensuring defense of the empire and protecting it from the barbarian intrusion, the empire constructed big walls along its borders. One such defense walls were in Ostia, a harbor city in Rome. Ostia borders Tiber River, about 30 km to the west of Rome. Gill indicates that the King Ancus Martius was the founder of the wall of Ostia with sole aim of guarding the mouth of Tiber River, which had plenty deposits of salt. Gill reiterates that Ostia also hosted the ancient navy who found it strategically located due to its nearness to the river where training became easy. In the period of the late Republic, the significance of Ostia increased particularly when it became a commercial center of the Empire. The bordering river made it easy for transportation of goods and services in and out of the empire. All the aforementioned advantages of Ostia made it reasonable for the rulers to build the wall to strengthen defense. The remains of the wall of Ostia. Courtesy of Gill (2012). Another wall that surrounded Rome was the Hadrian’s Wall located towards northern England. Gill explains that the Hadrian’s was formed one of the best walls of Rome having been constructed by the Roman Emperor to help prevent the northerners from reaching the Roman Britain. Hadrian’s Wall: Courtesy of Gill (2012). According to Gill, the Servian Wall constituted one of the defensive walls constructed to protect the Roman Empire. Servius Tullius was the Roman King who initiated building of the wall during the sixth century B.C. The wall stretched from Tiber to Capitol Hill then to Quirinal and extended to the valley Pincian to Esquiline. Gill unveils that the Servian Wall had twelve gates, specifically purposed to promote defense of the emperor. Servian Wall: Courtesy of Gill (2012). As described by Gill, the Roman Empire had good sanitation earmarked by the construction of proper sewer systems. Gill points that one of the most remarkable sewer systems in ancient Roman Empire was the Cloaca Maxima built in the 6th or 7Th century B.C. Tarquinius Priscus was the Roman king who initiated the construction of the Cloaca Maxima. The main purpose for the construction of the sewer was to help drain marshes and house effluents into Tiber River. Gill clarifies that the sewer system drained wastes particularly from Viminal, Esquiline and Quirinal. It was because of this enhanced sewer system that areas surrounding the hills became inhabitable and even offered space for the forum Romanum. Cloaca Maxima (Great Sewer system): Courtesy of Gill (2012). Roman Forum was a space organized to house and hosts various organs of governments and even serves as religious and business centers. The Forum also served as center for holding forums for public politics. The establishment of the forum became easy due to the availability of ridges connecting Quirinal with Capitoline Hill, and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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