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[Subject] History and Evolution of Shopping Malls This paper aims to investigate the history and evolution of shopping malls which have now gained significant position in human lives. Research indicates that the current form of shopping centers has undergone extensive change which shall be further explored in terms of floors and designs…
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History and Evolution of shopping malls
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"History and Evolution of shopping malls"

His forum actually introduced the splendid arrangement of dually shared buildings for commercial purposes. It was the initial foundation of shopping malls which took place back in the ancient times (Kocaili). These were divided into different floors primarily for two uses i.e. the first floor was used for the administrative purposes whereas the ground floor provided a huge passage way for the customers. Moreover, the ground floors were essentially designed to make an extension to the main market place. The following picture clearly depicts that commodities were showcased on small detachable stalls. After some time these stalls were transformed in to shops mainly located at the ground floor. This particular form of shopping malls was later followed by most of the European shopping centers until the modern era (Kocaili). By the end of 16th century town halls were introduced in the European trade market. These were having open stands for selling purposes on the first floor while commodities were mainly presented on the ground floor (Kocaili). In addition to this these town halls were specified for different activities including the stock exchange. In the later centuries luxury items also made their way in to the shopping malls. Hence the floors were made on the basis of departmental stores and arcades. In 19th century the structure of shopping malls was once again changed since now the first floors were used for storage purposes. This was followed by the introduction of glass and steel structures in buildings for enhancing the exhibition of different goods (Kocaili). Source: Mall Express 1 However, in the contemporary world the concept of Shopping Malls emerged in America mainly in the early 20th century. It was basically a result of increasing demand for different products and the transformation of retail stores (DeLisle). Mass production and the use of automobiles changed the entire business environment which was also influenced by the changing societal norms and customer choices (Sedlmaier). Hence in 1920 shopping centers primarily with a drug store and a super market were opened in the suburban areas. These were simply designed with small shops in rows along with a parking lot. Ten years later, in 1930, the concept of night shopping was introduced and then in 1950’s small shops in the malls transformed into huge departmental stores (Sollner). Their main function was to facilitate the shopping experience and also to alter the traditional business settings (The History and Evolution of the Shopping Mall). In 1956 shopping malls were made in two level buildings so as to cater the needs of large number of customers. For instance, the Southdale Center of Edina in Minnesota was the first centrally air conditioned shopping mall along with a common room for people (Sollner). Later on the number of shopping malls kept on increasing which were built upon huge lands with the latest facilities and equipment. In the late 20th century there were around 16000 shopping malls in America alone (Sollner). Moreover, these malls were not only limited to the shopping experience but they had restaurants, amusement parks and night clubs. Today in the 21st century shopping malls have turned into entertainment platforms with the addition of cinemas(Shopping malls evolving into entertainment Read More
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(History and Evolution of Shopping Malls Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
History and Evolution of Shopping Malls Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“History and Evolution of Shopping Malls Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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