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Other name (s) Course Guideline for making sidewalks more walkable First Street is a long major street in the city of San Fernando. The Street has several intersections with major roads and highways in the city and is therefore always busy with all types of users including pedestrians…
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This guideline provides design standards that should be used in the improvement of the Pedestrian sidewalks and cross walks of First Street. 1.1. Providing safety from traffic  As seen in the questionnaire analysis, a significant number of respondents feel unsafe while crossing the streets in the neighborhood. This problem can however be solved by using signs to show the pedestrians a safe route across traffic in First Street. To minimize the exposure of the Pedestrians to motor vehicles, the sidewalks and cross walks will be designed in a way that discourages turning motor vehicles from driving over the Pedestrian area. In places where the sidewalks are narrow or missing, adequate Pedestrian area will be constructed to ensure that the Pedestrians and other users are always in a safe distance from the traffic (Jacobs et al, 203). According to Gehl (104), parking should always be prohibited in areas within approximately 6m from any intersection and this is likely to improve the visibility of the cross walks and intersection areas. Lastly, to improve street crossing safety, obstruction free areas and corners will be maintained on the sidewalks and this will also help in the maintenance of the sight lines for all users and position pedestrians to where they will be able to see oncoming traffic. Many authors concur that pedestrians should be separated from vehicles as this is the only way to ensure their personal safety in the streets. 1.2. Helping pedestrians find their way across a complex intersection The difficulty of crossing the complex intersections and walking to various parts of the neighborhood was another important issue that was raised by a number of respondents in the questionnaire. To improve this condition, the design of the side walks and cross walks will include signs and marks that clearly indicate the directions of the intersections found on the street. In areas where there is a significant demand for crossing but there is no near by existing crosswalk, midblock crosswalk will be constructed and aligned with the travel patterns of the pedestrians (Rapoport, 91). The last step shall involve installing appropriate sidewalk pavement markings and traffic signals throughout First Street to ensure that Pedestrians are able to locate short cut routes across traffic. According to Farr (21), the traffic control signals will provide clear roadway directions to both the Pedestrians and the motorists. On the other hand, Rapoport(81), further argues that the quality of urban spaces such as the streets have a significant impact on the activities of the residents and should therefore be designed according to the culture of the people living in the neighborhood. Consequently these will not only reduce the difficulty faced by many road users while crossing the complex intersections to various parts of the neighborhood but will also improve the efficiency of traffic progression along the street. 1.3. Improving surface quality of the sidewalks According to many respondents, the two worst characteristics of the streets and sidewalks in their neighborhood are cracked and uneven side walks. This problem can effectively be solved by ensuring Read More
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Guideline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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