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The Utilization of Tuscan Columns in the Coliseum in Rome - Essay Example

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The Utilization of Tuscan Columns in the Coliseum in Rome (YOUR NAME) (YOUR PROFESSOR) (THE DATE) The Coliseum in Rome is considered as one of the most remarkable wonders of the classical world. Known as the Flavian Ampitheater, this architectural structure functioned as the culminating area for both the patrician and the plebeian classes of the Roman society…
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The Utilization of Tuscan Columns in the Coliseum in Rome
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"The Utilization of Tuscan Columns in the Coliseum in Rome"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from the brutal sport which was always staged by the Coliseum, the huge structure was the place for culture. The Roman high society exhibited their appreciation for the plebeian entertainment, while having brought their royal tradition amongst their peers. The patrician class, on the other hand, were the avid fans of their iconic gladiators whom they placed their bets upon. Aside from becoming a melting pot of the Roman society, the Coliseum was an architectural marvel. Its colossal image in the Roman urban setting was undefeated through time. Its intricate floor plan was deemed as an innovation of the classical era, an advanced structure ahead of its time. It was frequently compared by modern engineers and architects to the stadiums and arenas of today. This was in terms of organizational planning. Since the Coliseum had the capability to house thousands of individuals, it had to be constructed with respect to the manner of entry and exit of crowds at a single moment. The Coliseum was the first to bear such technical functions. In addition, having to bear such number of audiences, the Coliseum managed to separate the classes of the Roman society as per the seating placements within the arena. More importantly, the architectural design of the structure was an undeniable marvel for during its glory days. The series of arches and wall carvings were testament to the Roman classical art. What is interesting is the series of Tuscan columns prevalent in the entirety of the Coliseum. The Doric, Ionic and the Corinthian columns could be seen from the exterior to the interior of the structure. The prevalence of Roman columns is, indeed, a very interesting notion to look at. These columns have functional and implied meanings which pertain to their structural use and the message they convey to scholars of the Roman classical art. Thus, this research would focus entirely on the mentioned aspect: the use of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns in the Roman Coliseum. This research will first tackle a brief historical background to the structure in order to fully understand the context which it outlived. It will then establish a better understanding of the Tuscan columns, namely the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian, through historical analysis and interpretation. As for the conclusive part of the study, it will use the historical analysis of the Coliseum and the Tuscan columns in order to establish the relationship of both. Hence, the task of this study is to explain the use and presence of the mentioned columns in the Coliseum through a survey of historical contexts associated with the classical Roman period. For the purpose of this study, it will use a series of secondary sources and scholarly works in order to corroborate and prove the thesis of this research. A Brief Historical Narrative of the Coliseum in Rome By mere observation of the ruins which now lay at the heart of Rome, the Coliseum is deemed as one of the most treasured classical legacies of the Roman period. The magnanimous and huge built of the structure was conclusive of its ambitious accomplishment of having been considered as the focal point of the urban Roman setting. From the origins of its name alone, the Coliseum can be derived from either the colossal traits that it had during its time or from the Colossus of Nero from which it copied its enormity, height and bulk. Even scholars of Roman history are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Utilization of Tuscan Columns in the Coliseum in Rome Essay.
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