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Acheulean hand axes - Essay Example

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Their findings were not published due to the death of McCown, but the author of this article was able to find the handwritten, typed and edited notes. The study…
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Acheulean hand axes
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Extract of sample "Acheulean hand axes"

Download file to see previous pages that much research has been conducted to determine the antiquity, stratigraphic context and the associated middle Pleistocene stone tools of the Narmada man. Accordingly Mccowns discoveries can be useful to the paleoanthropologists of the 21st century.
In the document one the findings is from central India in Narmada and Tapti valley. The researcher anticipated to study the prehistoric archaeological problems of the Pleistocene time. He studied the region around Narmada river and the tools found indicated the presence of man. He however discovered four main problems among other the use of infer climate model by pre- historian that seemed imperfect in India. He proceeds to japan where he has a conversation with a PhD archaeological candidate who had excavated Narmada (Kennedy and Langstroth 2013:2). They excavated yeldari dam and Purna River. In Narmada MSA materials are found in the river banks. The same materials are found between mandia and jabulpur. In Kamharabna, ESA tools were found appearing on several good and hand axes.
The second document was composed of typed field notes by Mrs Shrkurkin who was among the team that had worked with McCown. The document contains several discoveries made at various points during the study. In a nutshell it is a summary of the discoveries that they had made during their survey, much of the tools discovered according to this document were MSA tools. The third document composed of a letter that McCown had written to his wife while surveying mula dam, a place where LSA tools were found. Including the elephant molar teeth (Kennedy and Langstroth 2013:7).
In his discussion of the research done by McCown, the author notes that in this period only primary relative dating methods were used. However, in the 21st century more advanced dating method such as absolute dating method are used. The discovery of Acheulian tools in Narmada River or valley is an indication for the middle Pleistocene and later geological deposits in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Acheulean Hand Axes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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