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In the paper “Hunting Methods of Early Man” the author analyzes hunting as a method of trailing and chasing living animals, especially the wild animals in order one to acquire food, for leisure, or even for trade. In the present life animals which are considered for hunting are usually mammals…
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Hunting Methods of Early Man
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Download file to see previous pages Due to this they invented stone tools which are refereed to as the Oldowan tools which it possible for them to be able to hunt animals and crush their bones and eat the bone marrow and also eat the meat. Because of their features they used to wait for animals under a tree.  Therefore, when the animals come they would split into different positions and disperse and chase them and kill them. They used their stone tool to skin the animals and eat them. Although at some point they were forced to to share the predictors meat when they have not captured any animal.
Homo erectus is among the extinct hominin of the early man. It is thought that the homo erectus evolved from the homo habilis. Homo erectus are also referred to as the upright man because they used to walk into legs. Homoerectus also had a height of 6 feet. They're also invented tools which were referred to as the Acheulian and were more advanced than the stone tools of the homo habilis. Their tools were more diverse and elaborated for instance the hand axe. The Homo erectus were the first people who invented fire. They had a better way of hunting and foraging skills which made them adapt and survive in their environment (Boaz 105). The Homo erectus used to use the fire which they invented to hunt. The Homo erectus had a brain size like for a human baby whereby it was too small for reasoning or even imagining. They used to chase the animals with the fire to their trap whereby their trap was muddy pool. Due to fear the animals would run unkowingly towards. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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