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INTRODUCTION TO CIVILIZATION-unit 4, question #3 - Essay Example

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In every way imaginable, it was a world where survival was the goal, and early death was all but certain. However, these early civilizations managed to survive due, in part, to their ingenuity and…
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Download file to see previous pages The biggest similarity between the tool-kits of the farmer and hunter-gatherer groups were the materials that they tools were made from. According to Howard Spodek, author of the book entitled The Worlds History, tools were generally made of materials such as stone, wood, and bone(Spodek, 2006). Additionally, both hunter-gatherer and farming civilizations had tools for cutting and scraping specifically as these tools were necessary for every day life, according to Spodek(Spodek, 2006). Lastly, hunter-gatherer and farming communities utilized similar tools for their pottery, which was a big part of their lives in terms of its cultural implications, and its daily usability as storage for food, water, and other supplies(Spodek, 2006).
For the most part, however, the tool-kits between these two groups differed greatly. The hunter-gatherer society had tools that were geared toward hunting, fishing, and collecting. Spears, knives, harpoons, and baskets were the primary tools utilized by this type of society(Spodek, 2006). Farming civilizations, on the other hand, had tool-kits which were much more complex because they had much more variety in terms of their daily tasks. Instead of just creating shelter and finding food, farming communities were “domesticating animals…cultivating crops” and also developing culture in the form of “pottery and weaving and jewelry”(Spodek, 2006). According to Spodek, farming villages had tools such as “blades, knives, sickles, arrows, daggers…mortars and pestles…and rudimentary plows and hoes(Spodek, 2006). This toolkit would be considered much more advanced than the hunter-gatherer tool-kits.
Hunter-gatherer and farming societies contributed greatly to the success of humanity. Both groups had different goals and different experiences, which influenced the tools they needed on a daily basis. Due to the fact that hunter-gatherer communities began to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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