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Influence of Confucianism on the Han Dynasty - Essay Example

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The author of the essay describes five significant influences of Confucianism on the Han dynasty. The author determines influences of Confucianism on politics, on history, education, on law,  on the role of women in serving men such as their brothers, fathers, and husbands …
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Influence of Confucianism on the Han Dynasty
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"Influence of Confucianism on the Han Dynasty"

Download file to see previous pages Confucianism became quite popular under the Han dynasty and influenced it greatly in terms of politics, history, education, law, and the role of women.
According to Spodek, Confucianism influenced politics in the Han dynasty by changing the hierarchy of power within society. In a Confucian society, scholars were the most powerful, “followed by farmers, artisans, and merchants”(Spodek). In this new hierarchy, scholars had the most influence over how the Han empire ran on a day to day basis.
Confucianism also had a great impact on history and its importance within the Han dynasty. According to Spodek, court historians were utilized in a much greater capacity than in previous dynasties. This change was due to the fact that Confucianism emphasized the “importance of tradition and continuity”(Spodek, 2006). This emphasis, therefore, dictated that histories should be documented more frequently and carefully.
Education and law were other areas that were especially influenced by Confucianism. Within the Han dynasty, special schools were set up to teach Confucian principles(Spodek, 2006). Spodek states that “the emperor declared that the knowledge of Confucian classics would be a basis for promotion in the imperial civil service”(Spodek, 2006). This was a significant change as before the shift to Confucianism, only the aristocracy was really brought into the imperial civil service(Spodek, 2006). Law also changed as Confucian scholars were given the power to change and inform the laws within the Han dynasty in order to reflect Confucian principles(Spodek, 2006).
Lastly, the role of women was influenced by Confucianism. According to Spodek, Confucianism taught that women were inferior and should dedicate themselves to serving men such as their brothers, fathers, and husbands(Spodek, 2006). Confucianism established the way women should behave in that they were seen as subservient to the males within their society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Influence of Confucianism on the Han Dynasty Essay)
“Influence of Confucianism on the Han Dynasty Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/archaeology/1587673-introduction-to-civilization-unit-3-question-1.
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