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Your Name Subject/Course Date The Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations The Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations were both very early Greek cultures that have appeared several centuries before the birth of Christ. Both civilizations both began during the Bronze Age, and they both appeared near each other, geologically, making them perfect to compare and contrast as this paper attempts…
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The Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations
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"The Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations"

Download file to see previous pages They both had developed their own writing system and their wealth and sovereign as they expanded to the East, as evidences of their culture were found by means of archeological digs. It is important to note that the Minoan Civilization came first. The civilization took root in Crete at around 7000 BC. Minoans were fishermen, as they were island people. At around 2700 BC, the Bronze Age started in Crete. This brought upon a surge of development, from the arts to commerce. By 1700 BC, the Minoan civilization and culture showed a lot of sophistication and organization. Because of newly-found power, the upper class practiced their leadership abilities but this was later thwarted with monarchy in later times, as evidenced by the presence of palaces in Crete. The Early Bronze Age showed a certain degree of greatness, a promise of success for the Minoan Civilization. The Minoans were merchants. Their economy thrived on trading. Most historians believe that the Minoans traded tin, the most important commodity that time, along with copper. Tin with copper (which came from Cyprus) are the major components of Bronze. Other important objects that the Minoans traded were saffron, ceramics, gold and silver. ...
Their religion even focused on females, as they had female deities and female priests. It was thought that Minoan religion was matriarchal and the same goes for their society. Minoan religion has several goddesses and the major god that they revere is also a female goddess. They had their own language. Archeologists have found at least 3000 tablets with filled with Cretan scripts. Historians believe that Cretans had their own hieroglyphic system. There were also cups that were recovered and they were thought to be inkwells, as they have ink residue in it. The Minoans also had their art. Best examples of Minoan art are preserved through pottery and architecture. Their palaces also had frescoes that are also evidences that Minoan culture was indeed urbane. Their pottery designs, as well as the style and design in their other artifacts can be largely described as having a strong geometrical aesthetic. Some of the designs tend to be naturalistic too, as the pieces tend to have animals in it. Most Minoan art has bulls in it. Bulls had a special place in Minoan culture. Minoan architecture was quite defining, especially for their culture. Minoan architecture was believed to be heavily influenced by geography. The architecture must have been influenced by the earthquakes that were frequent around the area. That explains why the buildings in Minoan architecture are big but they had little stories, or they are not as multi-leveled as other palaces at the time. The palaces had small rooms and had a lot of divisions, partitions; they also had little windows and the buildings were constructed in blocks. Other techniques also indicate that they were preparing for some seismic activity. One of the most striking contributions of the Minoan ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A civilization is included in the category of ancient civilizations if it holds a large number of historic places and cities which exhibit the influence of political and cultural characteristics of that time. Some of the major characteristics of ancient civilizations include high agricultural development, a centralized government, a written language, use of technology, legal codes, division of labor, social stratification, science, philosophy, and arts.
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