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The Brief Outline for Ancient Greece History - Essay Example

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    This paper "The Brief Outline for Ancient Greece History" focuses on the periods that refer to Greek History, or to Greek art and literature the time frames still remain pretty much the same. Though artefacts have been discovered that are dated 30 -35,000 years old this paper will concentrate on the later periods of ancient Greece. …
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The Brief Outline for Ancient Greece History
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The Brief Outline for Ancient Greece History

Download file to see previous pages... These periods are the Early, Middle, Late and Final Neolithic periods. The Early Neolithic (EN) period was characterized by three new features that set it apart from the period it followed. Those characteristics included; 1) the appearance of domestic sheep and goats 2) the appearance of gardens of wheat, barley and lentil 3) and the appearance of polished stone tools and a substantial increase in grinding stones. It is also known as the period of time when pottery first made its appearance in ancient Greece.
The pottery and pottery fragments that have been discovered from that era seem to show that the pottery was not used for cooking or cleaning (holding water) but was instead used as status systems on display. This period is also marked as the time when ritual burials first are evidenced. In fact, an infant's burial from that era is the first one discovered with any "wealth" at all buried at the same time. The wealth included a half a pottery jar and a small footed vessel.
The Middle Neolithic (MN) does not differ much from the EN except that the pottery being made has now been glazed and there is evidence that the potters have learned how to 'fire' the pottery at higher temperatures and at larger quantities.
In the Final Neolithic (FN) period once again (...
The Middle Neolithic (MN) does not differ much from the EN except that the pottery being made has now been glazed and there is evidence that the potters have learned how to 'fire' the pottery at higher temperatures and at larger quantities.
Wild grape plants appear in the Late Neolithic (LN) period and potters have now discovered how to change their glaze from an iron-based one to a manganese-based product.
In the Final Neolithic (FN) period once again (as compared to the MN period) shows burials of adults and infants and like the MN the adults are not as extravagant as the infants appear to be. Many experts believe that the FN is just an extension of the LN. (Ancient n.d.).
The next major period of time in ancient Greece is known as the Early Bronze Age (2900 -2000). This period of time is known as when metallurgy was introduced, especially tools, ceremonial objects and weapons that were constructed of bronze. The Bronze Age civilization is known by different titles throughout Greece but the most common was the Early Minoan period named after the king Minos.

There are a number of difficulties associated with the establishing the differences in the Early Minoan period compared to the Neolithic period which immediately preceded it. Many of the artefacts from this era were excavated in the early 1900's and the techniques at that time were not as advanced as what they are now. Many of the artefacts were mishandled or not recorded in an orderly way. One of the aspects that the Early Minoan is known for the introduction of the jug shape of pottery and for plenty of painted wares.
The Minoan period which followed next actually began about 1700 BC in Crete. Here the Minoan’s established a culture and city that was very advanced and very efficient.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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