Ways which media covers european crisis today and before 5 years in France, in Italy and in Greece - Outline Example

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This is especially for the attention which France, Italy and Greece have received as highlighted by Nancy (2006, p32) as well as the changing ways that the…
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Ways which media covers european crisis today and before 5 years in France, in Italy and in Greece
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Ways Which Media Covers European Crisis Today and 5 Years Ago In France, Italy and Greece Abstract
This paper is going to highlight the way the media has focused on the controversial European crisis in the last five years. This is especially for the attention which France, Italy and Greece have received as highlighted by Nancy (2006, p32) as well as the changing ways that the media cover the general European crisis. The crisis in question is about the financial strain that the three countries have undergone in the general perspective of the Euro zone. Hypothesis
The research (hypothesish1) is that in the last five years, the European journalism has stepped up its coverage in all three countries from issues like the Italian politic-financial crisis to the clashes that Greece continues to experience to this very day (Hawkes, 2011). On the other hand, the null hypothesis (h0) is that there have been little changes in the media coverage. Around the time of mid-2006 compared to present, there is a selective coverage of the news that was being reported to the masses due to some issues. The variables will be the number of articles and television air-time per sample media house at the same month five years ago compared to the current year. Research Questions
1. Did the European mass media fail to report effectively on the early stages of the crisis five years ago?
2. What measures did the European journalism take to ensure fair playground of the interests of bankers, investors and the masses?
3. What were the key changes in global financial environment in the last five years?
4. How do the European media cover the changes differently now compared to the last five years? (EJC, 2009)
Sample Collection
Because of the magnitude of the media houses and the huge population, the paper will take any two leading media houses from each country as well as five media and financial analysts as the sample of research in the period. The three sample collection methods will include interviews, investigative documentaries as well as archive research of information. The research will aim at proving whether the position of the null hypothesis is true or not.
European Journalism Centre, 2009, Covering The Crisis Conference: An EGC Interface Conference On The Role Of The Media In Coverage Of The Financial Crisis . [Accessed 14 Dec, 2011]
Hawkes, A ., 2011, Clashes in Greece as Strikes Begin - Wednesday 19 October 2011. . [Accessed 14 Dec, 2011]
Nancy, R., 2006, The European Media Blunders of the Decade, London: Routledge. P. 32. Read More
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