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Exploring Ancient Mysteries of The Minoan Civilization - Assignment Example

The Minoan Civilization was as anoutcome of Bronze Age civilization that ascended in the island of Crete and prospered approximately from 2600 to 1400 BCE, till it was demolished in 1450BC (Cottrell, 1971). The Minoans people were held to be acivilized society made-up of high educated intelligent engineers, warrior, enigmatic people, merchants, skilled artists, and experienced sailors. Nevertheless, there are theories that affirm that the Minoan Civilization came to an end due to the destruction caused by a powerful earthquake,the eruption of the Thera volcanoand invasion by outsiders(Noa, 2010).
According to Sakoulas (1939), the causes of Minoan Civilization's decline was due to the eruption of Thera as archeological evidence show that, and the volcanic ash of Thera covered the whole island destroying crops and suffocating faunae. Nonetheless, this theory was proven erroneous in 1987 from studies piloted at the Greenland ice cap. Scientists dated frozen ash from the Thera explosion and determined that it occurred in 1645 BC, some 150 years before the ultimate destruction of the Minoan Civilization.
Subsequently, the other theory argues that the earthquakes smashed the Minoan Civilization as it instigated Tsunamis that destroyed the fleet and peers of the Minoans (Sakoulas, 1939). The earthquakes and Tsunamis associated with the Thera eruption is believed to have caused much physical damage hence affecting the climate, the politics and the economy of the region.

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This paper “Exploring Ancient Mysteries of the Minoan Civilization” talks about theories of rise and descent of the Minoan Civilization. He affirms that the Minoan Civilization came to an end due to the destruction caused by a powerful eruption of the Thera volcano and invasion by outsiders…
Exploring Ancient Mysteries of The Minoan Civilization
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