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Migration and Immigration - Essay Example

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This is because of certain factors that initiate the commencement of these migrations where so many individuals leave their mother countries to influx others, our centre focus being the U.S. As…
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Migration and Immigration
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"Migration and Immigration"

Download file to see previous pages As a result of migration, the U.S. experiences a lot of individuals who get either illegal or legal entry through its borders. According to Martin (2010) in his highlights, U.S experienced 40 million residents who are foreigners born in the country. Moreover, in the total global migration it has 20% portion totaling to about 214 million immigrants of which 30% of them illegally migrate into the U.S., Martin (2010). This situation is quite intensified as researches reveal since there is a record of 100,000 daily entries through front doors, back doors and side-door migration.
It is a clear fact that the U.S is inclusive to migrants who influx the various states. This is because of enormous benefits that come along with the acts of the migrant. That therefore introduces benefits and detriments aspects of immigration in the U.S, which include amelioration of military power and labor force as well as tax and consumer expansion. On the contrary, illegal immigration may strain infrastructure due to overcrowding thereby introducing various ailments that the immigrants might have along come with that will ultimately infect the entire population. In addition, immigration causes imbalance in ethnicity and social life, an issue which consequences conflict and discrimination of immense diversities, Gannon ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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