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Concept political culture - Essay Example

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It forms the rules and regulations that govern and control the political structure and environment in a country, which is influenced by a country or regions…
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Concept political culture
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"Concept political culture"

Download file to see previous pages The latter was the form of governance utilized in the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans among others. The Ayllu were an example of Incan Empire, which utilized communally participatory politics where kinships existed. It added to the authoritarian, hierarchical, as well as other dictatorial methods of governance (Prevost & Vanden, 31). It was developed from the Iberian Peninsula and applied from following the governing methods that were part of the colonial and republican eras. One significant form of governance was the absolutist tradition, which went on to become a manifest of the Americas form of power with the fusion of the military power possessed by the Latin society.
In the case of Latin America, it is a pot of cultural variations, which has established a level of diversity in Latin America. This is clearly shown by the political aspects, where the Latin countries adopt different political culture, which is determined by historical events. Latin America was deemed a region of having resources in abundance, and it resulted in different countries colonizing the region in the early years. With countries such as Spain, England, and even the United States, they each played a role in developing the political forms of governance in the region.
It is illustrated by the development of Latin as the language in the region, which is heavily influenced by the Spanish language. This is an example of the major influences that the colonial period created in Latin America. The latter is influenced by the large number of tribes and social variations that have made the Latin culture so diverse. It has established a form of identity for the different countries in the region.
A significant political factor that influences the region is the element of Dictatorship. The latter was introduced in the colonial period, and it was the style and rule ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Concept Political Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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