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They relied on other animals to get their food. They did not have the capacity to hunt for an animal to get food. Due to this, they eat the remains of other hunters’ animal. They used their long…
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Download file to see previous pages They also used arrow and spear to capture animal for food. Neanderthals used to hunt in small groups through surrounding the intended prey. During that time, they had the capacity of identifying the best animal for their consumption. They substantiated the meat they hunted with other natural roots and leaves. Women and other weaker members of the society also used to gather fruits to be consumed together with the hunted meats (Mason 78).
Neanderthals make stone tools. However, this was during their old period of their emergence. Some of the stone tools made were used for slaughtering animals, digging, construction of their dwelling areas, and for other house hold activities. Stone tools were made by qualified member of the society. These specialists were among the most respected members of the society. As time move on, Neanderthals adopted other forms of tools. They came up with other tools which were more appropriate at that time. Some of the common tools at that time were stone flakes and all-purpose scrappers. These tools were used for all purpose of work in the society. During the upper Paleolithic, more tools were made from different materials and in different forms. The need for more specialist and tools for specific purpose necessitated the process. Craftsmen at this time also had specialist knowledge to make special tools from different materials. Some of the material which was used to make tools was bones, antlers, and some other right metals (McMullin 89).
Neanderthal also used fire in their daily activities. At their early periods of their existence, Neanderthals were not aware of the existence of fire. They consumed raw meats, leaves and fruits. However, during their advanced ages of their existence, they developed the idea of the existence and use of fire. Neanderthals used fire in different facets of their lives. During this stage, they used fire to roast meat. They also used fire to warm their bodies at night and during cold seasons. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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