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Final Cultural - Research Paper Example

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It is evident that every society has a distinctive way of life; this is because of its cultural values, environmental, political, economical factors etc. The zulu tribe is a good example of diversity. They have a rich culture, well established political structures and chains o…
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Final Cultural Research Paper
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"Final Cultural"

Download file to see previous pages Development has led society to modified modern foragers who supplement their gathering and hunting with wages, trade, horticulture agriculture and many more forms of survival. Gatherers are becoming extinct in some cultures. However, in other cultures, gatherers remain relevant. For instance, the Mikea of Madagascar is a famous group of foragers. Foragers have different kinds of relationship with their environment than most of other societies. A good example is the Zulu tribe. They interrelate well among themselves and spend most of their leisure time together in conversations, listening to music and dances (Haviland, 2009).
Among the Zulu, women are the primary gatherers who gather fruits and can at times kill small animals for food. They live in small groups, determined by availability of food. They do not believe in material wealth, but most of animals they keep are for purposes of food. They live their life in the present, and they never worry of what they do not have. They live in temporary homes that could be made of wood or other material gathered. The group believes that by sharing they expect nothing in return. Values and belief diversity differs from one group of gatherers to the other but this could be due to time, ethnicity, and pattern of their cultural behavior (Leonard, 2010).
The zulu have well established political systems. They were governed by a powerful king called shaka. The king had an army that was responsible for protecting the tribe from any likely aggressors. For instance, Shaka’s army fought against British rule during the scramble and partition of Africa. The kingdom was established in the early 1800s and it was as a result of the union of the various clans thereby forming a powerful kingdom (Axel-Ivar, 1976).
Horticulture is the science of cultivation of plants. It includes the use of seedlings to produce plants. Economically viable countries show a high potential of a variety of farming activities. The Zulu, like most of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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