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Understanding Subsistence and Culture: The Batek of Malaysia - Essay Example

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Understanding Subsistence and Culture: The Batek of Malaysia
Subsistence is an important aspect of culture; it defines the way societies lived and allows them to continuously live in terms available resources that the society can procure…
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Understanding Subsistence and Culture: The Batek of Malaysia
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"Understanding Subsistence and Culture: The Batek of Malaysia"

Download file to see previous pages Observed clearly how the primary mode subsistence of these people made them ably adapt and formulate a culture of their own and survived changes over the years. It has been recognized that mode of subsistence has a major impact on values, beliefs, and virtually all social structures, including the family, religion, the political and economic orders of every culture. Key words: subsistence, society, culture, Batek of Malaysia Understanding Subsistence and Culture: The Batek of Malaysia The world’s modern society is consisting of thousands of human culture that have emerged from the most primitive type to its modern form after polishing over the process of evolution. Same as with man who is believed to have evolved to adapt to the concept of the ever changing environment, culture as the totality of what man does go along with it. These diverse societies at present can be classified into basic types depending upon the primary mode of subsistence strategies that have been used to exploit the natural environment for their existence. Subsistence is a word mainly that has been exploited since the beginning of man’s existence and over the years even until today. It is an important word used to define activities that man has been doing all along for survival mainly described as the main source from which food and other commodities necessary to exist are obtained such as the forests, seas and prairies where most foods are freely taken from. Human societies everywhere have developed a cultural infrastructure that is compatible with the natural resources available to their society and within the limitations of their various habitats. Each mode of subsistence involves resources required to effectively capture and utilize to best suit a society’s needs (Haviland et al., 2010, p. 165) Different societies ever since have used different subsistence strategies depending on the type of environment they have to exploit in order for the society to survive in terms of food, shelter, security and social needs as well. For example, societies living within an area with rich forests live by hunting and gathering while societies living along the coastal regions live mainly on the produce of the sea. Societies that have found more productive strategies have tended to grow larger and more complex and have evolved faster and further. These complex societies often enjoy their success at the expense of societies using more primitive technologies— i.e. hunting gathering societies versus industrialized societies wherein people of the latter enjoys the luxury of abundant food available in the market compared to the food that still has to be gathered raw amongst the forest. It has been recognized that mode of subsistence has a major impact on values, beliefs, and virtually all social structures, including the family, religion, the political and economic orders of every culture. How subsistence directly affects each aspects of a society has long been proven from various researches. In the context of this paper the author would like to present the subsistence and its effect in the culture of the Betak society of Malaysia in terms of their belief and values, social organization and economic organization. The Batek: Hunter- Gatherer indigenous ethnic minority of Malaysia The Batek are one of the twenty indigenous ethnic minorities of Peninsular Malaysia, the Orang Asli inhabiting the watershed of the Lebir River ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Batek of Malaysia
...? The Batek of Malaysia The Batek are originally from Malaysia and are found in the rainforest of peninsular Malaysia. They gather food by hunting rather than animal husbandry and so their place of settlement varies within the limited boundaries of the area that they occupy. Around 800 members of the Batek community stay in Taman Negara which is a national park in the Malaysian peninsula. They are one of the groups of Malayan aborigines (Orang Asli) and from historic times they have always been gathering food by hunting and gathering natural resources (Bisht and Bankoti, 2004, p.100). This paper will focus on forage as primary mode of...
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... that there is an existence of long term coordination and settlement in a particular area. A change in the subsistence will not only bring about changes in conditions pertaining to food production but also in the socio- cultural base of a community. Thus we can say that a change in subsistence is closely related to cultural changes (Schutkowski, 2006, pp. 103-104). Subsistence mode differs among tribes in different places across the world. The pattern of the mode in turn also affects different aspects of the culture. The tribe selected here is the Batek of Malaysia and their chief mode of subsistence is foraging. Foraging, or hunting and gathering are considered to be the “oldest form of human society” and here survival was based... and...
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The Batek of Malaysia
...(“The Taman Negara,” 2010). However, except for the cooler surroundings, the new settlement still brought with it the same problems that the Batek experienced upon relocation. The problem of having to adjust to the new environment as well as to adjust to the new economic conditions plagued the Batek. Wage-labor and agriculture replaced hunting and gathering, and since then, the cultural organization of the Batek was somehow forcibly changed. The roles of the men as wage-earners and farmers somehow brought them a relatively more superior status than women, but the difference is still not pronounced at this time (“The Taman Negara,” 2010). References Ahmad, R. (2009)....
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...?Running head: BATEK OF MALAYSIA Batek of Malaysia and number submitted Introduction The Bateks are one of the several indigenous groups of people living in the peninsular region of Malaysia. Bateks are popularly known among the Malaysians as ‘Orang Asli’ which is defined as original people. (Endicott 1978) The Bateks make up about 0.5 percent of the entire original people community of Malaysia which comes around an estimated 100 thousand people. Irrespective of all the people belonging to a same structure of living, all of these people are divided and subdivided into multiple groups and...
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...a significantly different culture that strays away from the socio-structural norms of their neighbors. Even with receding boundary lines, increasing contact with outsiders and greater access to material goods, the Batek have been able to maintain their lifestyle. The current governmental policies of Malaysia are not very appealing to the Batek and present very limited options to this community Decisions such as subsistence strategies and relocation must not be forcefully implemented on them. Instead they should be given practical economic alternatives and made aware of the benefits of living in integration with the larger Malaysian society. However, if...
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