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Racism as a construct for demographic and socio-political analysis is increasingly being contested. Today, urbanization has become the norm due to process of industrialization, and cities are getting very cosmopolitan…
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Is Race Real
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"Is Race Real"

Most advanced industrial societies today exhibit some degree of tolerance and adaptability when it comes to issues of race. But the situation is far from perfect and race continues to be a simmering point of contention. In this backdrop new scientific and anthropological evidence on the veracity of race assumes significance. They help demystify and demythologize race and racism as previously understood. In this process the very legitimacy of racial classification is questioned. The American Anthropological Association’s (AAA) consensus on the subject of race is a rebuke to historical perceptions of race. The esteemed AAA has articulated the fact that trait differences and variation is more pronounced ‘within’ a particular group (ex. national or ethnic) than ‘between’ two such groups. In its Statement on “Race” the AAA contends that 94% of genetic variation is found within conventional groupings and only 6% outside. The AAA does not merely stop with the scientific rationale, but delves into the socio-history of race. It makes a damning assessment of the history of race, terming it a politically and socially constructed institution for economic exploitation. Read More
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