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Challeges ESOL Somali learner face when learning how to read - Coursework Example

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Actually, learning to read is a challenging experience especially to those students who lack a schooling background of the field they study (Swann, 2012). ESOL Somali learners…
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Challeges ESOL Somali learner face when learning how to read
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Extract of sample "Challeges ESOL Somali learner face when learning how to read"

Download file to see previous pages Most educators teaching ESOL Somali learners assume that these students have prior knowledge of various literary genres such as myths and legends. As a result, teachers teaching ESOL Somali learners fail to develop a good background for basic vocabulary of the English language. Though ESOL learners may be able to read some vocabularies, it is quite difficult to fathom the content presented. In essence, ESOL learners face various challenges when learning how to read.
The data for this report was corrected from a number of past studies regarding the challenges ESOL Somalis face when learning how to read. The paper explores the learning experience of Somalis with little or no formal education.
ESOL Somali learners have challenges in hearing and speaking the English language. For instance, most ESOL students cannot speak or hear the language they are learning. Actually, since the ESOL students learn English as a second language, various difficulties are present. As a result, sound recognition and production of the second language becomes challenging for ESOL students.
Phonics entails the understanding of written words and their corresponding literally sound. In other words, phonics refers to an approach employed to teach reading and writing of English words to non-English speakers. The approach involves developing the learner’s ability to identify and manipulate sounds in order to demonstrate the correspondence between different sounds and the spelling patterns that stand in their place. It is imperative to identify that sound production and manipulation is largely dependent on letter patterns. ESOL learners might have insufficient knowledge regarding their native language since they rarely interact with linguistics scholars. For people to understand all aspects of a particular language, interaction with other scholars is an imperative exercise.
ESOL students should not only rely on the little skills ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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