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International Culinary Arts: Burgundy Wines - Research Paper Example

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The following research paper "International Culinary Arts: Burgundy Wines" provides a discussion regarding the part of burgundy wine in Europe's meal preparation culture. The wine has been such a part of Europe’s culture that each meal won’t be complete without it…
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International Culinary Arts: Burgundy Wines
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Extract of sample "International Culinary Arts: Burgundy Wines"

Download file to see previous pages There are many ways to enjoy a good wine, but it could also help if one knew how to recognize incredible red Burgundy wines, and the few things to know are the characteristics of this amazing wine. First of all, these wines are made of special grapes that are grown in Burgundy, this is a place in France, and of course, according to the name only in this place on earth could ever this kind of wine be made. This is what makes this so special and not ordinary at all because these wines get that special body and unique flavor, not only from the zone in which its grapes are grown but also on the method of fermentation and storing these people uses to make these red Burgundy wines.
Red Burgundy wines are classified in three levels, the Grand Cru, the Premier Cru, and the Village and Regional. Of course, the Grand Cru is the most selected, exclusive, and expensive of all of these wines. The Grand Cru is made in such a way that it is aged from 5 to 7 years; this is if the bottles have a high demand, if not, then they can be aged for much longer which will give these wines a higher price and of course, a better quality. Then we have the Premier, which is aged from 3 to 5 years. These wines are not of a bad quality, they are just of an inferior quality than the Grand Crue.
Producers of this kind of wines are allowed to declassify their products, so a grand Crue can become a premier, a premier can become a village, and so on, which is a practice that helps people get other kinds of great wine at a cheaper cost. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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