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Culinary Arts - Research Paper Example

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Culinary arts offered in this college is a great program and students have strict discipline that they must adhere to. It is an excellent program for a student’s narrative…
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Culinary Arts
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Extract of sample "Culinary Arts"

Hospitality and culinary arts continues to be one of the hottest topic that is surfacing right now. Culinary arts offered in this college is a great program and students have strict discipline that they must adhere to. It is an excellent program for a student’s narrative because it challenges and motivates students to do better. In addition, students are often involved in peer tutorship in which they motivate themselves. Another huge element of this school offers a lot of hands training. Students are always in position to be proactive leaders.
La Chanterelle is a great restaurant where students obtain amazing understanding of hospitality. The experience is great because class sizes are small, technical training, and allows students to work. Culinary groups are split into two shifts, morning and afternoons. Students get a real-chance of creating these dishes as it applied to their major. Students also encouraged to think freely and question the preparation meals in order to encompass it in their food making skills. The students prepared a tofu dish for a vegetarian customer, separated duck meat, and other appetizers. The dining team also prepares a wine base to ensure that the soups are being made. The baking and pastry team cut the dough and prepared the dish along with the tiramisu.
A narrative of a student along with other chefs is captured in which every meal is elaborated. Meanwhile, the service team is preparing dining tables for the guest to ensure that they are ready for serving their guests. The wine team also prepares the hierarchy of wines, which provides a comprehensive accumulation of the model restaurant. Overall, all the students did a wonderful job to provide a comprehensive dining restaurant.
ECTV73 & EC Radio. (n.d.). Retrieved January 28, 2015, from Read More
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