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Analysis of Art as a Form of Activism - Case Study Example

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This paper "Analysis of Art as a Form of Activism" discusses the views of the two young artists, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh and Inez Jasper. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh concentrates on gender stereotyping as a street artist and Inez Jasper highlights aspects related to racial, and color discriminations…
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Analysis of Art as a Form of Activism
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Art as a Form of Activism"

Download file to see previous pages Concentrating on Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, her creations can be observed as directly voicing street violence against women. Starting from eve-teasing to even rapes have been subjects on her street arts with the novel intention to generate awareness among women as well as other groups of the society overall, especially those included in her recent campaign of ‘Stop Telling Women to Smile’. More than gender stereotyping, the campaign emphasizes over the street and public sexual harassment against women, voiced through the captions included in her posters, such as “No, you can't talk to me for a minute” and “My outfit is not an invitation”. The campaign indirectly however intends to generate awareness among women regarding their rights against such harassment, stressing on the women's rights movements still on continuation, as often covered in television. Through her campaign, Tatyana has interviewed many such victims of public sexual harassment and street harassment that firmly echo the gender-based stereotypes still faced by women in modern society. However, hardly or seldom do these victims raise their voices owing to the various inhibitions and doubts regarding their rights (Stop Telling Women to Smile, “Stop Telling Women to Smile”). A similar affirmation was drawn in a video by Vanderbilt University picturing “The Women’s Rights Movement on TV News”. This video affirms that the problem was found to be more associated with the lack of awareness among women regarding their rights that had somewhat built a stereotypical view within the society that women rights activists are only concentrated on gaining equality between men and women (Vanderbilt University, “The Women’s Rights Movement on TV News”).
My personal experience to the factor has also been much similar to what has been argued by the social rights activist Tatyana through her campaign and its posters with strong captions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Art as a Form of Activism Case Study - 1.
(Analysis of Art As a Form of Activism Case Study - 1)
Analysis of Art As a Form of Activism Case Study - 1.
“Analysis of Art As a Form of Activism Case Study - 1”.
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