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Van Gogh's a Pair of Shoes - Essay Example

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This research paper “Van Gogh’s a Pair of Shoes” evaluates Heidegger’s analysis of Van Gogh’s shoe painting identifying the major key points and the vague assumptions that have led to many artists and art historians to criticize Heidegger’s analysis…
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Van Goghs a Pair of Shoes
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Extract of sample "Van Gogh's a Pair of Shoes"

Download file to see previous pages Different viewers have different opinions regarding the painting.
Heidegger is a philosopher and uses his philosophy knowledge to evaluate and discuss the painting. His assumptions have generated different opinions from art historians and other artists. It is evident that some of his observations are true although most of his assumptions show that he bypasses major contributors and reason for the painting to escape critical questions that are hard to answer due to the limitation of the information the painting has2.
This article evaluates Heidegger’s analysis of Van Gogh’s shoe painting identifying the major key points and the vague assumptions that have led to many artists and art historians to criticize Heidegger’s analysis. The article uses the arguments of Heidegger and that of other viewers who have aired their opinion on the painting to make it easier to distinguish the vague assumptions, and the interesting opinions involve in the argument. Later, the article will provide details on the key issues that Heidegger’s analysis did not consider to ensure that the analysis would be better and relevant enough thus reducing his critics.
Heidegger claims that the main purpose of the painting is to portray things that can only be seen in paintings such as a shoe. He also states that the pair of shoes ensures the viewer is able to ask several questions regarding the owner of the shoes, the work of the owner, and the essence of the undetailed background of the painting. In his analysis, Heidegger assumes that the shoe belonged to a peasant woman who worked in the field3. He claims that the main purpose of the pair of shoe painting is to convey the actual world from the painting.
Many art historians have criticized this assumption as it is evident that the shoe had some connection with Gogh thus the reason for the painting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Van Gogh'S a Pair of Shoes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 4.
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