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The Fomorians who turned their backs on the sea of Eire - Book Report/Review Example

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After the great flood, the land of Eire was in terrible discord. The descendants of the sons and daughters of Noah had struggled against the land and braved the cruel spirits of the earth for their seaside homes, and thus built the race known as the Fomorians…
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The Fomorians who turned their backs on the sea of Eire
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Extract of sample "The Fomorians who turned their backs on the sea of Eire"

Download file to see previous pages After the great flood, the land of Eire was in terrible discord. The descendants of the sons and daughters of Noah had struggled against the land and braved the cruel spirits of the earth for their seaside homes, and thus built the race known as the Fomorians. The Fomorians were not a people of people of peace, the land they lived in was harsh and cold, infested with the mischievous and often cruel fairy kind. From this, the Fomorians became a people of cruelty and violence, who sough only to further their enslavement of the Partholon and Nemod. After three hundred years of war, a great epidemic overtook the Partholons, and only a handful of the Nemod remained. The Fomorian Kings, Mord who was son of Dela, who was descendent from Cham, Noah's youngest son, and Conann who was son of Febar, oppressed the Nemod into slavery.
The taxes imposed by the Fomorian Kings were harsh. Each year at the winter solstice known as Samhain, the Nemod would bring the Fomorian a tax of two-thirds. Two-thirds of their children born that year, and of their crops, and of their tools, were placed at the foot of the great stone circles.The battle was ferocious, and the persecuted Nemods fought with stone weapons and wooden staffs, but could not overcome their oppressors. Seeing that they would surely die beneath the giant and powerful Fomorians, the Nemods ran with their wives and children into the violent sea, giving their lives to the ocean. They clung to their children and threw themselves from the high cliffs into the ice cold waters. Their light on this earth was extinguished.
The tribes of the Fomorians settled all the lands of Eire, and divided the island into five province centred at Balor's Hill. These were: Ulaid (Ulster) in the north, Ciced Ol nEchmacht (Connacht) in the west, Mumha or Mhumhain (Munster) in the south, and Laighin (Leinster) in the east. And between them all lay the kingdom of Mde, where the High King of Ireland ruled over them from Tara in Mde.
Enchanted by their own prowess at battle, and believing they were the only true inheritance of Eire, the Formians turned their backs on the sea from whence they came. The Fomorians turned away from the old magics of sea and hearth, and instead worshipped their battle prowess and conquests, building towers in honour of their mastery. No longer did the Fomorians leave gifts for the sea, and in their own greed worshipped only themselves.
Beneath the sea, the spirits of the Nemod called upon the ancient gods: Morrign, Badb, and Macha. They begged for a champion, for retribution to set their souls at peace. The ancient gods heard the cry, and when the time came that the Sun lay between equinox and summer solstice, the ancients used the power of the lunar and solar cycle to birth the Tuath De Dannan.
If the Fomians had been looking towards the sea, instead of towards their central High King in Mide, they would have seen the ocean green turned to red, and from that bubbling red water the rise of the Tuath De Dannan, who had heard the dead cries of the Nemod. Hidden by the great magics of the ancient gods Morrign, Badb and Macha, the Tuath De Dannan rose up from the boiling sea and landed upon the sandy shores, greeted only by the white bones of the Nemod.
The Tuatha De Danann were met by the fierce armies of the Fomorians at the Plain of the Sea by Leinster. They Tuath King Nuada met King Eochaid, who was descendent from the Fir Bolg. Nuada asked for penance and peace, but King Eochaid, refused.
The great armies of Eochaid and Nuada met on the fields of battle, standing above the ocean on massive cliffs. Beneath them, the sea itself rose up with crests of white foam, kissing the tops of the cliffs.
The battle lasted through the three days of Summer Solstice, and at the last, King Nuada feared for his people. In a fierce battle with Sreng, King Eochaid's chosen champion, Nuada's hand was severed. It was then, seeing the Tuath De ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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