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One Missed Call - Movie Review Example

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The paper “One Missed Call” seeks to evaluate the movie which belongs to the new genre of Japanese films known as “J-Horror”. It follows the pattern of this genre of films of an apparently innocent piece of technology that turns out to be an evil force…
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One Missed Call
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Extract of sample "One Missed Call"

Download file to see previous pages The evil forces in these films were mostly traditional Japanese spirits like the pale female ghosts
One Missed Call in a way has set the bar for Japanese horror movies with a plot that is unsettling and distinctive, in that, it is quite different from the present day horror movies. One Missed Call is more similar to the ghost stories of older Hollywood films and to movies like Wait until Dark of 1967.
One Missed Call is about people receiving mysterious voicemails telling them the exact date and time of their death that is to happen soon, accompanied by sounds of their reactions to the violent deaths. It appears that these messages have been
recorded at an exact moment of violent death. The story is about a young woman who wants to track down the source of these calls. The story begins with a college student Yumi Nakamura’s friend, Yoko receiving a phone call with a ring tone she has never heard before. The message is dated three days in the future with her own voice saying "It started raining." This is followed by a bloodcurdling scream and three days later the events heard in the message actually happen and Yoko at exactly the date and hour mentioned dies a gruesome death in a train station while talking to Yumi Nakamura. A mysterious force hurls Yoko into the path of an oncoming train. Her body is torn apart but her severed arm dials the next victim and soon there is a string of murders. Many more of Yumi’s friends die a terrible death in front of her very eyes. The story progresses when Yumi Nakamura decides to track down the source of these calls. Two more victims die mysterious deaths before she takes the help of a man whose sister was the first victim to die.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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