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Cinema as a Self-Help and Therapeutic Tool - Research Proposal Example

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The following research “Cinema as a Self-Help and Therapeutic Tool” brings a concise clarification as to how film and cinema have transformed over the years, becoming more than just a source of public entertainment, and how film and cinema have developed into a form known as a form of cinema-therapy…
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Cinema as a Self-Help and Therapeutic Tool
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Download file to see previous pages In order to answer these questions, taking a critical approach, this paper will speak to these varied cinematic concepts, offering, first, a framework from within which the reader can get a sense of the organization of the information.  Chapter I will provide the reader the necessary background information and history on film to help contextualize for the reader the direction in which the information will flow.  It will discuss the changing cinema environment, including the venues from which the movie-goer experienced cinema in the past, and, now, in the present.  Chapter I will move through the history of the cinema, past, and present, and look at the evolution in the filmmaking process, from silent film to the awe-inspiring special effects employed by filmmakers today.  Also, there will be a brief discussion as to the peripheral industries that have come to exist and depend on the manufacture of cinema, which has become a source of mass production entertainment.  Chapter 1 will close with a close look at the cinematic experience as a self-help aid, and to what extent the movie-goer, if at all, has an awareness of the benefits, or, lack thereof, that they experience during the cinematic viewing. Chapter 2 will move the reader into a more thorough discussion of cinema as a therapeutic approach and will follow with a discussion on the impact of cinema on the viewer and will provide the reader with the “good news, bad news,” about cinematic viewing based on clinical and legal case studies and examples. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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