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Plot Segmentation of Pulp Fiction - Movie Review Example

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This paper aims to analyze the plot segmentation of the movies "Pulp Fiction". Doing the plot segmentation was important towards understanding the structure and narrative of the film. The film begins with where it will end. …
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Plot Segmentation of Pulp Fiction
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Extract of sample "Plot Segmentation of Pulp Fiction"

Plot Segmentation of Pulp Fiction The Dinner A. A couple is just sitting at the dinner talking B. They talk about robberies
C. The begun to rob the dinner and at the same time the scene is interrupted
C. Credits
2. The Car
A. The men in suits are sitting in a car talking about drugs
B. The two men get out of the vehicle with guns
C. They converse regarding entering a room and start shooting (Bailey 5).
3. The Building
A. The two men still talk as they walk towards the building
B. They stop by the room, and they make the decision, it was the time to enter
C. The men’s names are disclosed as Vincent and Jules
4. The Bar
A. Butch is sitting in the bar talking to somebody
B. Vincent and Jules enter the bar
C. Butch and Vincent ran into each other (Bailey 6)
5. Lance’s Apartment
A. Two men are talking about piercings and Vincent shows up
B. Vincent was here to purchase drugs
6. Marsellu’s House
A. Vincent arrives to take Mia and Vincent makes some drink
7. Jack Rabbit Slim’s
A. Mia and Vincent arrive at Jack Rabbit Slim restaurant
B. They both dance for a competition
8. Marsellu’s House (Part 2)
A. Mia is driven by Vincent to Lance’s apartment
9. Lance’s Apartment (Part 2)
A. Mia is taken to apartment by Vincent and Lance and was given a shot of adrenaline (Bailey 11)
10. Butch’s Childhood Home (Flashback)
A. Butch converses with a man that gives him a watch
11. Boxing Match
A. Butch kills his competitor during the match and drives away with a woman
12. Butch’s Hotel Room
A. Butch talks to his girl on fleeing away from the country
13. Butch’s Old Apartment
A. Butch goes to find his watch in the old apartment
14. The Street
A. Marsellus chases butch and shoots at him
15. The Back of the Store
A. Butch and Marsellus are tied together, and Zed turns out to be a police officer (Bailey 12).
16. The Building
A. Julie and Vincent kills a man in the bathroom
17. Jules and Vincent’s Car
A. Vincent shoots the man on the chest
B. The headed to Jimmy’s apartment
18. Jimmy’s Apartment
A. Wolf advices Vincent and Jules to clean the mess in the car
19. The Dinner (From the start of the film)
A. Jules allow the couple to leave
B. Vincent and Jules leave the dinner (Bailey 12).
20. The End
End Credits
Doing the plot segmentation was important towards understanding the structure and narrative of the film. Pulp fiction film may be very complex film to comprehend, but with the help of plot segmentation, it was easy to understand the different scenes. The film begins with where it will end. I understood many things about the movie through plot segmentation.
Work Cited
Bailey, Jason. Pulp Fiction: The Complete Story of Quentin Tarantinos Masterpiece. , 2013. Print. Read More
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