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Research of the viability of a startup company specialized in manufacturing and/or distributing travel goods - Thesis Example

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The purpose of this segment of a thesis is to deal with overall description of a Belgium-based startup company specialized in manufacturing and/or distribution of liquid travel goods and packs. Section starts with short description of the company or industry and about “present…
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Research of the viability of a startup company specialized in manufacturing and/or distributing travel goods
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Extract of sample "Research of the viability of a startup company specialized in manufacturing and/or distributing travel goods"

Download file to see previous pages Company strictly followed the rules and regulations while making the liquid traveling packs. “According to the transportation security Administration (n.d) the amount of liquid allowed is restricted to a maximum of 3 ounces or approximately 90ml per container.” (Budiarto, 2009, p.2, para.1). In another way it should “not greater than 100ml (100ml equals approximately 3.38 ounces).” (Travel advice - all the rules for carry-ons: Liquids, 2009, para.2).
Also company uses translucent bags, which are of maximum one liter in volume. Aim of our industry is to obey the rules provided by the regulatory committee and at the same make customer happy with our products. Discarding these rules and making the product will surely put travelers under trouble at the time of checking. Company or our industry didn’t want to build such occasions, which makes difficulty for passengers or travelers. So our company’s main focus will be on these issues. So before hand, at the time of manufacturing proper checking will be done to make sure everything is all right. Our industry is focusing on making different types of liquid traveling packs each of the packs contain different types of product in it. So this will provide travelers choosing option of liquids they want or choosing of packs in which their wanted liquids contain. Different types of products includes different types of drinks, soap, creams lotions, sprays, pastes, gels which can be hair or shower gel etc.
The business objective of this company is to increase its profit by 15% during the period of 2009 and 2010 in the current market. It also focuses towards capturing the major part of the market share. This is possible only through the effective marketing strategy and through effective marketing efforts.
“A growth industry is one that is growing at a rate faster than that of the total market. Companies use strategies such as heavy price discounting, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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