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The essay explores the painting "Dance at Bougival" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. When viewing different art forms at Philadelphia Museum of Art, there were many attractive paintings and sculptures that caught my attention. The most striking art from was Dance at Bougival. …
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Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Dance at Bougival
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Dance at Bougival" analyzes Pierre-Auguste Renoir's painting called Dance at Bougival. The “Dance at Bougivel” painting has two emotions in it, perplexed by the use of different colors and the impressions on the faces of characters present on it. There is a gentleman in a classic-blue old suit and a yellow hat that is holding a lady and they seem to dancing to the tune of a classic song. The man is faces her lady in a romantic way trying to create an impression on her while she does not face him directly. It created a kind of romanticism that is not different from what we know today; the extent a person goes to create an impression to his lover, but she is reluctant to reciprocate her feelings to him until she is sure that she is “safe”. The two lovers are clad in a manner that suggests that this dance was a special moment for them, a date. One may wonder what was in the mind of Paul Durand-Ruel when he finished this piece of art. Literature reveals that Ruel paid attention to impressionism. He dedicated his art to creating paints which portrayed passion and which, has influenced the modern way of life. During the year 1883, Ruel is said that he used his work to illuminate the experiences he had encountered in romance. His passion for art began when he inherited art gallery that was founded by his parents. Paul Durand-Ruel was born 1831 and died in 1922. Paul developed an interest in painting and he invested in promoting the work of the young artists. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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