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Venerable Pierre Toussaint - Essay Example

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Pierre, unlike other slaves was brought up as a member of the family by his master Monsieur Berard and his wife Marie. During his stay in…
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Venerable Pierre Toussaint
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Extract of sample "Venerable Pierre Toussaint"

Venerable Pierre Toussaint Pierre Toussaint born in June 27th 1766, was brought up in a friendly environment, and his services were only restricted to the great house. Pierre, unlike other slaves was brought up as a member of the family by his master Monsieur Berard and his wife Marie. During his stay in Monsieur Berards farm in Haiti, he saw the various forms of torture that other slaves were put through by their respective sadistic masters (Malley 36). In reference to Pierres life, it is trivial that his lifestyle greatly served as a reference for social justice.
During the 18th century, slaves were not allowed to read or freely interact with their masters. Pierre on the other hand, obtained basic education where he was able to read and write. Secondly, he was not expected to work in the fields where there was hard labor, and also he was not subjected to punishments. During his stay on the Haiti, the sound of drums in the field offended him. The thought of the bloodbath that happened in the fields was too harsh for him to comprehend.
Pierre relocated to New York with his master. Soon after the death of Jean Berard, Pierre took the initiative to look after his ailing wife, who had just learnt about his husbands demise (Malley 89). Pierres elevation to sainthood came as a result of his charity, which was easily deduced from his act of adopting Euphemia. During his burial, Pierre was eulogized as one who had "remarkable qualities of mind and heart and on his incredible charity". Secondly, he was also branded as "Gods reflection in ebony". He was greatly loved, which is exhibited by the enormous number of people from both races who attended his burial
Works cited
Malley, Vincent J. Ordinary Suffering of Extraordinary Saints. Huntington, Ind: Our Sunday Visitor, 2000. Print. Read More
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Venerable Pierre Toussaint Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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