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Contemporary British Film Culture -Critically discuss the role and importance of social realism to contemporary British film culture. Use research and one or two film examples to illustrate your response - Essay Example

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It might be regarded as an effective way to express one’s creative potential and reach almost infinite number of people spreading ideas and raising various concerns. As technology progressed, so did art. A…
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Contemporary British Film Culture -Critically discuss the role and importance of social realism to contemporary British film culture. Use research and one or two film examples to illustrate your response
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"Contemporary British Film Culture -Critically discuss the role and importance of social realism to contemporary British film culture. Use research and one or two film examples to illustrate your response"

Download file to see previous pages While some directors may be focused on producing films that deal with some unrealistic issues and rely on special effects, other find a particular joy in creating films that depict the reality as it is and highlight the problems that real people experience in their daily lives. This paper will analyze two films that might be seen as prominent examples of British realism: This Is England (2006, Shane Meadows) and Kidulthood (2006, Menhaj Huda) exploring different aspects of it is providing that social realism is extremely important to contemporary British film culture. In order to do so, the analysis will include the political and social dimension that the films in question should be seen in, the connection between the issues raised and the British traditional culture, the focus on low and tabooed themes, the function of the films to express important ideas, the brutality of the realism shown as well as the necessity of realistic ethos, the trend of films that are shot for the youth to show the actual affect of drugs, the rejection of narrative conventions to a certain extent to create a unique impact on the viewers.
The first and one of the most important aspects that contribute to the significance of social realism in the contemporary British film culture focuses on the ability of such films to let different parts of the population express their views on the screen. Indeed, generally they are silenced in the social discourse because of various reasons and the public might be close to thinking that they almost do not exist if there is no “the bringing of hitherto neglected groups, hitherto unsaid truths, hitherto unexpressed attitudes on to the screen”(Murphy, 1992, p. 35). Nevertheless, when directors are courageous enough to let these people articulate their ideas freely, the rest of the population is able to hear this small minority. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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