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With Reference to key films and figures discuss how one of the following themes have been adressed in European Cinema: War and Politics - Essay Example

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Neo-realism is a group of films and contemporary cinemas that shared some core features of method characterized by the use of non-professional characters, location shooting and natural lighting. In addition, the attitude, the desire and willingness to get the realities of…
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With Reference to key films and figures discuss how one of the following themes have been adressed in European Cinema: War and Politics
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"With Reference to key films and figures discuss how one of the following themes have been adressed in European Cinema: War and Politics"

Download file to see previous pages Since the time it existed as a country, Italy has faced many challenges in its efforts towards establishing itself as a unified and democratic political and social entity. The geographic and linguistic differences between the various regions and the original manner in which they were integrated created several internal divisions that have continued to dominate the countrys politics up to this day. Italy’s involvement in the World Wars and the rise of fascism escalated further domestic problems that had haunted it for long periods. The Anti-fascist Resistance movement at the end of the World War II seemed to bring a sense of hope to Italy promising a new era of reforms, freedom and democracy. However, this hope was short-lived as there was widespread corruption, poverty and social class divisions. These harsh conditions were clearly depicted in several Italian films whose neo-realist work has been greatly celebrated globally as masterpieces of global cinema. These films discuss the themes that dominated Italy’s post war politics. These films include the Vittorio De Sica’s ‘The Bicycle Thief’ and the Rome, Open City as discussed below (Nathan, Ian & Jan 2001, 55). 
In this film, postwar Italy is faced with mass unemployment. In the estate of Val Melaina which is located on the outskirts of Rome, Antonio Ricci gets a job from the council labor co-coordinator as a bill poster This job requires him to purchase a bicycle thus he talks to his wife who promises to sell her family bed linen for them to afford the bicycle. Antonio buys the bicycle so on the next day he sets off for the new work but unfortunately, his bicycle is stolen as he is pasting bills. He walks home dejected together with his son Bruno in Val Melaina estate. Out of desperation, he turns to his friend, Baiocco who is a refuse collector and a community theatre leader but he is not assisted at all. The next day is on a Sunday, so in the morning, Antonio and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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