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This paper aims at analyzing Norman’s paintings. Norman involved himself in painting as a way of influencing the lives of people. His paintings are rich in culture of the people of America. His paintings have greatly contributed in various spheres of life with his predictions in his work…
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Norman Rockwells Paintings
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Norman Rockwell’s Paintings Norman involved himself in painting as a way of influencing the lives of people. His paintings are rich in culture of the people of America. His paintings have greatly contributed in various spheres of life with his predictions in his work being witnessed over time. This paper, therefore, aims at analyzing Norman’s paintings.
The painting is an admiration and an insight of a bright future after the outbreak of the cold war (Halpern 60). He dreamt of a very bright future in America. The drawing is an inspiration following his mid 1960 trip to the Soviet Union. Students, earnest, well-scrubbed and facing forward in the class are portrayed. Rockwell believes that although one of the student stares outside the window as a sign of individualism, they will be attentive and focussed children. The drawing is all inspiring because it communicates idealism.
The painting portrays a learning experience for students, teachers, and adult learners. The artist had an insightful observation of Russian classroom experience of school children in the 1960s (Marina Forbes. Russian education system). The artist reflects what he observed during his visit and his amusement with what he saw in the Soviet Union. This encouraged him to think about the events and inspired other students in all classes. It is also an inspiration to teachers and parents on how children can on their own stay focused.
Hall believes that the painting is a portrait of the problems we daily live with and has been embraced as a civil rights’ important symbol. It acted as a remembrance when the United States Supreme Court declared the racial segregation unconstitutional (Hall 4-6). The painting has a young determined black girl who is going to school under escort. This symbolizes victory on the black race following the court verdict that it is unconstitutional for a state law to establish separate public schools for blacks and whites. This brings out Norman as a supporter of equality and tolerance. The painting shows the declaration by Norman that the federal Supreme Court stated firmly that segregation is illegal in public schools. This is the first time federal officers are seen enforcing constitutional rights of the black people. It is also a sign of justice and that the law favored people of all races in America. The change in the law inspires the artist, and he displays it through drawing a portrait, which has become a phenomenon of his works (Curriculum Corporation).
Norman also brings out a change that is about to happen through the painting of “Breaking Home Ties”. This painting shows how what happened to the earlier generation will not happen to the present generation. The picture portrays the circumstances that forces families to part ways. A young man is forced to part ways with his father for further studies. The study that his own father never had but feel that his son should have for better tomorrow (Brune “Breaking Home Ties). In contrast, “Saying Grace” (Marling “Saying the Grace) painting brings a sense of unity and togetherness in the family.
Norman brings out his best and engages everyone in his thinking through the paintings. As an art, they have a long lasting effect on people and makes history alive as it serves both the present and past generation. They give a glimpse of where America has come from and where it now. All his paintings are rich in the American history and exhibit various changes.
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