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The artist has presented the image in a two dimensional point of view since only presented the image with only its base and height while…
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Download file to see previous pages e image and clarity of the image have been presented very well as the viewer does not take much time to visualize on the content and the composition of the image. In fact, the artist in his painting techniques had designed the image to create a sense of humor to any viewer that could be viewing the image for his work or any study purposes o any other purpose. Most of the images made by using different kind of color as this artist has used are mostly appealing to the viewers as they are simple to understand and interpret. There is less time involving in visualizing their composition. Contents and the forms of such particular images also present a cool temperature nature of the conditions they were taken.
2. The image below is that of altostratus clouds. These clouds are usually characterized by dense, gray layer cloud that is often evenly and opaquely to enable any form of a little sunshine to penetrate.
In this image, the background is very dim and thereby portraying that the atmospheric perspective point from where the photograph was captured. It could have been at the very far distance or from an aerial point of view. Observers can articulate from the image that that the art of calligraphy was of low representation as it its hue is much dim. The photo seems to be from an area that had very bright light hence interfering with the color strength of the background of the product. From the look of the image, observer can represent its temperature to be that of a cool scenario due to its dimness.
The artist, therefore, could have used any of the complimentary colors; that is either red and yellow or yellow and blue or yellow and violates to give the image the strongest contrast it could have. People can also see the use of pointillism when viewed from a very close range since there are some small dots that could be seen at the background of the image. The small dots that the artist used during his painting work could also create an impression on the image as of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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