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Female, Feminine, Fertility - Essay Example

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Female, feminine and fertility are issues of great importance in the contemporary art, and this paper looks into the female character, Lola, in the book,…
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"Female, Feminine, Fertility"

Download file to see previous pages In particular, she competes severely with Carla Santini, who was also striving to attain this position. Lola does not manage to beat Carla Santini since Carla Santini is quite clever and convincing. At one point, Lola gives up with the chase, but is later motivated to keep up the fight. She decides to participate in a play for their school where she manages to defeat Carla Santini. Although the two girls had personal differences during the time they were competing for the lead position, they are seen mending their differences by acknowledging each other (Sheldon, 2014).
I have, for a long time seen female characters resembling Lola and Carla in that they are determined, brave yet considerate and willing to forgive. Such are the people the society wants whom despite differences in, for example places of work due to competition for a given position, they are willing to work together, relate positively outside jobs and acknowledge each other. Lola is used to show the modern woman whom despite challenges facing her, she should never forget her worth and values. The modern woman should aim high and fight hard to attain her position while remembering that she should maintain positive relationship with other with whom she is battling out with. Competitors need not only be fellow women but could also include men. For instance, there is a stiff battle between men and women with women striving to get their positions in the society.
Such female characters would have a positive impact on practically every person. In fact, there is nobody would be harmed by the presence of Lola and Carla in the society. However, men might be harmed by characters like Lola in the society especially due to the determination part of the character. Being determined means that such female characters will never let off the battle with men in striving to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Female, Feminine, Fertility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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