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Critically examine Greta Gaard and Lori Gruen's article, Ecofeminism:Towards Global Justice and Planetary Health - Essay Example

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Greta Gaard and Lori Gruens Ecofeminism: Towards Global Justice and Planetary Health begins by discussing the historical ramifications of the connection between ecology and feminism, linking them to a 1974 academic conference in Berkeley, California, and claiming the movement…
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Critically examine Greta Gaard and Lori Gruens article, Ecofeminism:Towards Global Justice and Planetary Health
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Extract of sample "Critically examine Greta Gaard and Lori Gruen's article, Ecofeminism:Towards Global Justice and Planetary Health"

Download file to see previous pages 276)?” It is these questions that inform the extent of the authors’ essay.
The article argues that some of the main problems that such investigations need to address form a number of pressing environmental concerns. Notably, the United States overconsumption of natural resources, and the global effects of pollution as exemplified in degraded water supplies and the rapid diminishment of forests. It also cites sources that argue part of the world’s starvation problem can be linked to overpopulation. The authors’ argue that the ecofeminist approach is the best paradigmatic expression of the problem, as the problems of the changing world “stem from the mutually reinforcing impression of humans and of the natural world (Pg. 277).” They also argue that’s it’s not possible to discuss women’s rights without reference to “environmental degradation.” One of the chief examples they give is that while nature and man were once inextricably linked, they contend that beginning with Descartes the two began to take on a formal shift to reflect opposition systems of characterization.
While these ideas sound superficially sound, the idea that Descartes was the first to imagine the distinction between man and nature seems short sighted. It’s well documented that Montaigne considered the social ramifications of education by analyzing the pupil’s relation to social forms of acculturation vs. more highly naturalistic ones. Indeed, it was Rousseau who adopted Montaigne’s ideas to “radical” acclaim when formulating his noble savage concept. Furthermore, Emerson’s infusion of Transcendental ideas of the all-consuming essence of nature was also viewed as revolutionary, as well as cult-like among 19th century New Englanders. Ultimately, it seems underpinning a philosophical division between nature and humans to a single cultural epoch is guilty of obscurantism, and distorts the argument to advance feminist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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