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Charles Chaplin's City Lights - Movie Review Example

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This research will begin with the statement that the movie City Lights is a well-casted masterpiece. It has remained to be one of the most beloved movies of all times. The motion picture features iconic, imagery, humorous and above all the greatest love scene in the movie industry…
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Charles Chaplins City Lights
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Extract of sample "Charles Chaplin's City Lights"

Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that “City Lights” can be categorized as a “romantic comedy” since Charlie Chaplin’s humor is similar to that of Ben Stiller who more often than not uses physical happenings make his audience burst out in laughter. Even though it is has been categorized in the silent movies, the film City Lights was not entirely a silent movie. Though there is no dialogue, there are sound effects throughout the movie, which includes music, and symbolic sound effects. The starring Charlie Chaplin uses sound to set the environment and comedic moments, rather than using his voice to narrate the story, A perfect example of this technique is depicted immediately after the opening credits when the town mayor is about to preside over the unveiling of a statue and is making his speech, but instead of the viewer hearing the speech, he or she gets what it can be referred to as “Charlie Brown talk.” The starring puts a word narrative on the screen to make the audience know the purpose of the speech. The script is well written and directed that nothing is lost with the absence of dialogue since the audience understands from the beginning, what goes on in scenes and thus get the comic effects being expressed. Any audience watching this movie for the first time quickly relates to the main characters. This indeed explains the perfectness with which the movie was written and directed since the intended purpose is achieved at the end of the viewing. Charlie Chaplin played a tramp, today the best definition that can suite a tramp is a homeless person. During the Great Depression in the USA, almost a quarter of American works were jobless and many of them struggled to make through the daily life. In regard to this depression, Chaplin is in the same situation and thereby depicts the life which these destitute go through. The film City Lights contain the melodrama, the grace, the effortless physical coordination, the bawdiness, the pathos and most important of all the slapstick. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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