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In this paper “Personality Development Theories” the various models of personality development would be examined, along with elaborating on the aspect of assessment of an individual’s personality. For these purposes, a brief look will be had on the life of Charlie Chaplin.
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Personality Development Theories
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Download file to see previous pages Charlie Chaplin ranks amongst the leading stars of the initial era of Hollywood, who is equally renowned both for his on-screen antics, and also for his real life acts. In fact, he was nothing short of a demigod of the silent films! The immense popularity of the typical attire of Charlie Chaplin has not waned even to this day, and the same speaks volumes about the fact that he indeed is the greatest entertainer of all times. (1) (Amy Smith, 2010).
Charles Spencer Chaplin, which is the original name of Charlie Chaplin, was born to Hannah (Hill) Chaplin and Charles, on April 26th 1889, in London. Both Hannah and Charles were performers in the avenue of music. Both of them parted ways sometime after the birth of Charlie Chaplin.   Hannah attempted to eke out a living for herself and the young Charlie, by pursuing her singing career. But by stroke of sheer bad luck, she developed a problem leading to sudden breakage of her voice - a problem that could permanently damage the career of any singer! It was during these testing times that, once, a stage manager identified the latent talent in Charlie Chaplin, and hence gave him an opportunity for singing a popular score, on the stage.
During this particular phase of their lives, Charlie Chaplin and Syd Chaplin, his half-brother, both were compelled to struggle a lot, primarily because of Hannah’s sudden outbursts resulting from imbalanced mind. Both the boys relied on some workhouses and charity homes for the sake of survival amidst such compelling circumstances. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personality Development Theories Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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