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Italian renaissance - Research Paper Example

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Contextually, the renaissance was viewed as a rebirth to the then social activities. History depicts that the period started in the 13th century and continued to the…
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Italian renaissance
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"Italian renaissance"

Download file to see previous pages Chronology accounts that the renaissance marked a drastic change in the society since artists, rulers, and other groups of elites intensified their activities towards improvement of the existing novices in different fields. Notably, Leonardo Da Vinci presumed an abundant role in propulsion of the renaissance activities since his works affected various disciplines that included art and painting, architecture, science, and engineering (Fisher, 2006). The following discussion shall evaluate Leonardo’s influence in the disciplines of history, art, and architecture in the ancient Italian society, and the prevalent influenced that activities continue to decipher in the modern society.
Leonardo’s activities harness him to global recognition. History cites that 1452 was Da Vinci’s year of birth at an Italian city called Vinci. This intelligent artist concentrated on matters that influenced the entire world. Debatably, he had a passion to nature and science, factors that extensively influenced his artwork (Riding, 2006). The Italian renaissance period would not have been a success in the absence of artists such as Leonardo holding to the fact that he was the first person to paint a picture that bore a landscape (Pernis & Adams, 2006). This approach influenced a major change in artistic painting since all his predecessors started incorporating landscapes and shadows in their pieces of art.
History indicates that his artwork bore abundance in delivering the desired perspective in each image. Through his paintings on Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, and the Flying Machine, Da Vinci was able to create knowledgeable to the human society such that his predecessors were able to contemplate how the world would be with a set of realism in the various aspects employed in the paintings (Austen, 2006). Further, Leonardo was able to influence his successors’ artistic designs including those of Ambrogio Lorenzetti who embarked in the profession and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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