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In the essay “Scott Fraser’s Three Fishermen” the author describes Scott Fraser’s work, which drew more out of the author’s emotions. An American painter, Fraser has already made a long list of art collections in both solo and group exhibitions all over the country…
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Scott Frasers Three Fishermen
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With all the other artworks displayed in the Denver Art Museum (on 100 W 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80204, United s), one painting has caught my eye. Everything in the room overflows with talent and creativity, but Scott Fraser’s Three Fishermen drew more out of my emotions more than the rest. An American painter, Fraser has already made a long list of art collections in both solo and group exhibitions all over the country.
Using oil paint on canvass, Fraser finished Three Fishermen in 1992. At a size of 74 by 60 inches, the painting appears just like any other painting that is displayed on the wall. From afar, one would think that it is but a very realistic illustration of a bright red, elegant armchair with one pair of an old running shoe and an electrical cord in front, a broom on the side and a painting on the wall hanging just right over it. It would not be until one looks closely on it that the touching details of the painting become clear. The elegant armchair is old and worn out looking as if it has been used for many years. The shadow on the left side of the painting and the one that is created by the armchair make it look like the light is focused on the painting on the wall and the armchair with a huge fish lying on it. With all these elements combined all together, I realized why Fraser named it as such.
As one of the spectators in the room, I think that the whole picture shows the contrasting yet funny way of life. The painting of the fishermen that is hanging right above the armchair reflects all of the hard work in order to live an extravagant lifestyle. However, the fish that seems to be catching its breath lying on the chair represents our ignorance of the fact that we have been trying so hard that we do not realize that the one thing that satisfies all our needs are sitting just right inside our home. A healthy lifestyle and a clean living condition are sufficient enough to make man happy. The simplicity of life should satisfy man.
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Mason, Marilynne. Scott Fraser: Metaphor Illusion and Reality. Web. 19 Feb. 2014.
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