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Neo-Classical Art and Romanticism - Essay Example

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This form of art was more serene and calm contrary to the period of chaos that it was developed in. On the other hand the more dynamic and…
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Neo-Classical Art and Romanticism
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Download file to see previous pages It started as a response to the more flamboyant Rocco Art and its objective was to recuperate the Greco-Roman cultural values. Europe, Western France and England embodied this art style to express idealism, patriotism, ethics and civic virtue. The popularity of neoclassicism was caused by several happenings of that time such as the reputation of Rome which was growing increasingly and the discovery of old Roman cities by archeologists. This art form depicted and accentuated rationality and tradition. The first of these were Jacque-Louis David whose work the ‘Oath of the Horatii’ depicted three mythological warriors swearingloyalty to the Roman Republic (David & Dorothy, 87). Some other famous neoclassical pieces include ‘The Death of Marat’ and ‘Napoleon Crossing the Alps’.
Romanticism was a reaction against the time of Enlightenment in the eighteenth century. Contrary to the neoclassical style, this style of art recognized humans as more emotional, complex and not that rational in a new civilization that was more materialistic, scientific and generally more urban. The famous artist from this period Jean-Jacques Rousseau laid down the basis of Romanticism by liberating the human emotions and showing a freedom of expression and thus challenging the rationality of the Enlightenment. Another popular artist who lead the Romantic Revolution was Eugene Delacroix. His masterpiece ‘Liberty Leading the People’ represented the French Revolution and the heroic splendor along with the ghastly destruction and chaos that was spread. In this generation of the Romantic artists who came after Napoleon and lived under Louis XVIII and Charles X were happy with the ‘petit revolution’ and regretted to have not seen the real grandeur and glory of times under Napoleon. Under Louis XVIII artists were free to paint whatever they wished and were unbound from Napoleon control. Theodore Gericault showed the incompetence of the new government with his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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