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Romanticism and Liberty Leading the People - Research Paper Example

Romanticism and Liberty Leading the People Overall characteristics of European romanticism
In the past, romanticism referred to romances’ characteristics, but in the eighteenth century people used this term to refer to the feelings of pleasant melancholy. It may also refer to a movement, which is both intellectual and artistic in nature. It originated from Europe , in the late eighteenth century (Ferbes 34). Romanticism was formed because of several changes, which include Neo-Classical art, quest for knowledge, physical materialism, and industrialism. Several characteristics of European romanticism exist. For instance, it has some characteristics of immense interest in nature. Romanticism focuses on how a person expresses his or her emotion or imagination. This, in turn, help in the determination of a person attitude and response to different situations. It is also characterized by departure of several forms of classicism and some negative attitudes. Additionally, romanticism is characterized by romantic quality in action, thought, and expression (Ferbes 56).
Liberty leading the people as romantic painting
Liberty leading the people as romantic painting was developed by Eugene Delacroix, in 1830. In his painting, Eugene immensely utilized romanticism to reflect the current art style. Eugene, in his work, portrayed that war can serve as a vehicle for romanticism, this is because war constitutes of heroism, terror, and violence. Just like other romantic act, liberty leading the people communicates

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Eugne Delacroix
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Daughters of Liberty
They have travelled all over the globe, discovering new lands and territories and colonizing those regions by subjugating the inhabitants. Such invasions, apart from the objectives of building up empires, also have been designed with an agenda of exploiting the natural resources of these regions as well as for slave trading.
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The Liberty Leading the People - Eugne Delacroix
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Main idea about Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People (1830)
Thesis statement: The main idea about the painting Liberty Leading the People by the renowned painter Eugene Delacroix is revolutionary spirit that transformed Europe from the Age of
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feeling and emotions of greatness, grandeur, and intensity; therefore, it has a sublime quality. It also serves as a propaganda piece; it can be likened to the French conquest (Ferbes 104). Indeed, it represents French campaign for change and liberty, and the purity of the revolutionary cause. The paintings represent team work amongst all male French citizens, from all classes during the conquest. The paintings, mostly, reflect the idea that surrounded the French revolution.
Work Cited
Ferbes, Michael. A Companion to European Romanticism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. Print.


This paper "Romanticism and Liberty Leading the People" analyzes the overall characteristics of European romanticism and discusses liberty leading the people as a romantic painting. Romanticism was formed because of several changes, which include Neo-Classical art…
Romanticism and Liberty Leading the People
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