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The Scream - Essay Example

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This essay is about the scream and Baron Kingsley. Baron Kingsley is thirty-five years old and he realizes something that makes him scream in silence It’s not his psychosis at all, but it may be so. His psychiatrist thinks he has Paranoid Personality disorder, not psychosis…
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The Scream
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The Scream

Download file to see previous pages... The essay "The Scream" tells the story about Baron Kingsley and the scream. Baron and his wife, Elsa, live near a wharf. They are married for five years now, since she got pregnant with their daughter, Eliza. When Baron sees Eliza, love swells inside him. But his wife is another thing. Sometimes, he loves Elsa, sometimes he doesn’t. Somehow, something changed since he came back from his Afghanistan post. He even thought that she would break her promise to marry him. Not that she promised. Of course, he proposed, and then she said yes. And that’s like a promise of some sort. The wharf knows everything. It witnessed his courtship and proposal. Nothing fancy with the proposal, but he did kneel. It felt wrong to not kneel when asking a lady to marry a knight. Also, Baron made sure that the day was blue and orange with sunset hues. Blue is calming and orange is a nice color too. It reminds him of fire, so hot it burns and it feels good burning. He likes playing with candles. He always tests how long his finger can take the flames. Going back to the proposal, Baron kneeled and asked his girlfriend to marry her. Elsa looked like someone expecting it for a long time. They have been together since high school. They broke up during college, and then found each other again, when Elsa worked at a military hospital. Baron’s having his regular check-ups there, and the rest, as they say, is history. The wharf creaked under Elsa’s jumps. “Yes! Yes! I will be Mrs. Kingsley!” In college, Elsa met her best friend, Duke ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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28.9 in, the painting was made in 1893. It currently resides at the National Gallery in Oslo, Norway. The painting depicts a figure standing on a bridge, screaming in agony against a dark, formidable sky. The scene sits in the setting of Oslofjord in Oslo.
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
Munch's The Scream
The blue and green landscape below also twists around the bridge and surrounds the lone figure, emanating feelings of depression, coldness, and gloom. Munch uses strong, dark and garish strokes with the lines failing to blend into each other smoothly, showing how these emotions all roll and mix together while at the same time standing firmly apart.
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Essay on Lewis Structures
This concept of the Lewis structure states that the inner electrons, which occupy the energy levels closest to the nucleus of the element are represented as a part of the element with the nucleus and electrons being the element notation in the diagram. The outermost electrons, which are involved in bonding (forming or sharing), are represented as dots around the element notation, usually two in number at the four compass directions and the unpaired electron as a single dot occupying any of the locations (Schodek and Bechthold 191 ).
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What Inspired Edward Munch to draw The Scream
What Inspired Edward Munch to draw The Scream? The scream is a popular drawing by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch who lived between 1863 and 1944. The scream uniquely becomes the symbol of modern day anxiety since its foreground depicts a worried person. Edward Munch gives various reasons for the painting of this picture.
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
Edvard Munch
With color, brush strokes, placement and nuance his paintings often induce a sense of morbid awe, yet we are pulled into the familiar subjects as they invoke fear, pity, shame, and love. Three paintings that highlight important periods in the artist's journey through life and depict events which changed his course are "The Scream", "The Kiss", and "Self-Portrait between the Clock and the Bed".
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Listening carefully to the use of the female voice, research the womans silence, articulateness, and her scream with regard to Carson and Choins claims about
en expressed themselves in ancient times and partly as a result of men’s reactions to that expression, women have lived in a paradoxical space that is at once external from society and often severely constrained within society. Our understanding of the female voice has been
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How are these works of arts reflect the tradition(s) of avant garde
Traditional avant-garde art can be characterized as innovations, experimentations or advancements on art culture focusing mainly on the development of techniques and principles of the art
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The relationship between artist and mental illness
A lot of great artists all over the world who have come up interesting artifacts have been attributed to be mentally challenged. Individuals suffering from mental illness have in some way compensated their flaws with art (Leff &
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Narrative about painting The Scream
This essay analyzes "The Scream" painting. O’ Neil left his home after giving his wife Delinda a customary kiss on her lips. She reciprocated this with her customary warmth the fidelity of which he was extremely unsure of. How sure did one need to be in ordinary situations? This was a question that had tugged at the perimeters of his mind.
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
One of the outstanding themes in Munch’s painting is that of alienation. In the piece of art, the artist describes an ordinary evening in Norway, taking a stroll at sunset with two friends beside a fjord. In the typical life scenario, one would expect
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
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