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Explosions on a Sun 70 Billion Light Years from Earth - Essay Example


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Explosions on a Sun 70 Billion Light Years from Earth

The essay "Explosions on a Sun 70 Billion Light Years from Earth" analyzes famous painting by Vance Kirkland, “Explosions on a Sun 70 Billion Light Years from Earth”. Kirkland’s art piece depicts dynamism as well in the manner by which irregular lines and curves are rendered to flow in several directions attributing how ‘explosion’ at the face of the sun may be imagined with intensity and violent motion. “Explosions on a Sun 70 Billion Light Years from Earth” is evidently filled with not only the dynamic curves heavily dotted at the core which altogether seem to be an abstract view but even with rich colors illustrating the sun’s nature. A mix of red, orange, blue, yellow, and green in varying degree throughout the piece understandably indicates the evolution of gases, collapse of cosmic bodies, and other interstellar reactions in space at the occurrence of explosion. Looking through the heart of the dots, it feels that the painting aims to communicate the possibility of receiving the impact on earth despite the incredible distance of 70 billion light years. Kirkland. In the abstract impressionist composition of “Explosions on a Sun 70 Billion Light Years from Earth”, artist Vance Kirkland exhibits his craftsmanship on utilizing “dot style” by combining the similar concepts of Australian aboriginal dot art and Pointillism. His work vivifies the general theme ‘explosion’ through brush strokes that are worked to create circle splashes and dots in relative sizes whose significantly bright

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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze the famous painting by Vance Kirkland. In the abstract impressionist composition of artist Vance Kirkland exhibits his craftsmanship on utilizing “dot style” by combining the similar concepts of Australian aboriginal dot art…
Explosions on a Sun 70 Billion Light Years from Earth
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