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The Origins of First Stars - Essay Example

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Ever since the dawn of time, man has been fascinated by the stars in the heaven. From a child's first wonder at the twinkling lights in the night sky to throngs of people staying up late to watch a meteor shower, the visual display never ceases to amaze us…
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The Origins of First Stars
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"The Origins of First Stars"

Download file to see previous pages Investigating how from the universe was created and how this led to the precise moment in time when these first stars could and did evolve was researched and presented. Through a thorough examination of years of research, how first stars were created and when they came into existence was answered. This research also yielded the fact that no first star still exists within our galaxy - the Milky Way. Although, I am satisfied with the findings of this research that the Milky Way contains no Population III Stars, I can not help but sit here and wonder if somewhere in the outermost areas of the universe, in areas we may not even know exist, there sits a first star, a remnant of the very creation of the universe, waiting for me
Ever since the dawn of time, man has been fascinated by the stars in the heaven. From a child's first wonder at the twinkling lights in the night sky to throngs of people staying up late to watch a meteor shower, the celestial display never ceases to amaze us. However, there is so much more to stars than the glowing light they project to earth. They are the footprints to understanding the origins of space and time. Scientists have been in the process of unraveling these mysteries for centuries. ...
The Big Bang Theory, the accepted theory of the creation of the universe, which will be detailed in subsequent paragraphs, lead to the later creation of first stars, called Population III Stars. Initially thought impossible to still exist, these first stars and the quest to understand them have led researchers to continue to search for their origins. The first detectable signs of these Population III stars have now been found. How were they created and do any still exist

Understanding what is known about the creation of the universe is necessary consider how Population III stars were born and if they have survived to present day. The accepted theory of the creation of universe is the Big Bang Theory. Astronomers have determined through observation and scientific research that "the galaxies of the universe all seem to be moving away from us. It turned out that they are moving away not just from us but from one another-that is, the universe seems to be expanding." [1] The laws of physics, specifically Hubble's Law told scientists that if the universe is ever expanding. Hubble's Law explains that "the galaxies were receding from us at a velocity proportional to their distance. The more distant the galaxy, the greater its redshift, and therefore the higher the velocity." [2]
Hubble's Law

The above graph is a depiction of the Hubble constant explaining rate of expansion. [3]
"The velocity v could be determined by multiplying the distance R by H, the Hubble
constant, given by the slope of the line in the above graph, in units of kilometers per
second per million light years. The Hubble constant describes the universe's rate of
expansion. The galaxies are not moving away through space, they are moving away

with space, as space ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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