Analyzing Philosophical Themes in The Truman Show - Movie Review Example

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The movie review "Analyzing Philosophical Themes in The Truman Show" states that the film “The Truman Show” is a reality show on television has been developed to record the life of Truman who grows to the belief that his reality, his life is normal and the world that he lives in is actual…
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Analyzing Philosophical Themes in The Truman Show
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Truman does not realize that he is the only person living in the studio, and he has the illusion that where he lives is real. The show is similar to the allegory of the cave by Plato whereby Truman is confined in his own cave in a town called Seahaven. Truman’s journey into the actual world is comparable to the cave dwellers in the allegory of the cave. He is not aware of the difference in the real world than what he has been told and shown to be the actual world in his entire life.
Human beings have the desire and urge to know the truth about the world they live in just as Truman did in “the Truman show.” Truman was aware that he had never lived on the outside world thus, life there would be tough and hard not as easy as it was when he was living in the studio. In real life, people always have the choice to choose between doing what is easy and right in order to survive. A person should choose the hard reality in order to make tough decisions during hard times. Read More
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