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The play focused on Portia and Bassanio as the main characters. Other characters that played a crucial role included Antonio and Shylock.
The play presents a beautiful and very…
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Play review
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Play Review What did you attend? and playwright/composer I attended a play performance by the merchant of Venice and composed by William Shakespeare. The play focused on Portia and Bassanio as the main characters. Other characters that played a crucial role included Antonio and Shylock.
Where was the performance?
The performance took place at the Canon Theater in Canada where I had gone for a visit during my vacation.
What date did you attend?
The event took place on 13 February 2011 one day before valentines.
Brief (one or two sentences) synopsis
The play presents a beautiful and very wealthy woman who draws many suitors given her beauty and wealth. This indicates that most men will always follow a woman because of her beauty or wealth. At the end, she fell in love with Bassanio who had no material wealth.
What about the performance did you like?, (Be Specific).
In the part where play brought out the picture of love, a character by the name Portia, beautiful and privileged to inherit a lot of wealth from her late father. Every man in the town wanted to ask her for a hand for marriage because of her success and beauty. Similarly, Portia’s father loved her and as though he foresaw the challenges that his daughter would face, he decided to leave behind three strongboxes. Each box had a different message addressed to individuals who would try their lack in marrying Portia. Only one of the box contained Portia’s picture and the individual who chose this box had the right to marry her (Williams 67). Different prominent individuals tried their luck and failed. Bassano finally showed up, handsome and whose business was not performing well. His love for Portia drives him to ask for help from Antonia, who promised to give him the money he required to accomplish the task in wooing Portia. Antonia then talked to shylock who agreed to lend him money interest free under the condition that he must refund the money at the stipulated time, failure to which shylock would chop a piece of his body part. Bassanio sets his journey to Portia’s who advices him to wait for sometime before making his choose. Bassanio refused and went ahead in his selection on that faithful day, by the grace of God he managed to take the right strongbox. Later the two married and leaved happily thereafter.
What about the performance didn’t you like?, (Be Specific)
I did not like the court ruling on the case between Antonio and Shylock. The two characters had an agreement on the terms and conditions of the loan. Shylock had to lend money interest free on the basis that Antonio agreed to refund on time, failure to that, shylock had to cut part of Antonio’s body. Shylock went to seek for the court intervention where the court decides to make a ruling in favor of Antonio (Williams 123). The reason being that, shylock was not a citizen of that country and everyone in the courtroom including the judges were his enemies. At this point, justice failed to prevail.
How would you describe the overall experience?
The play evoked emotional feeling, exiting and moving. It showed that love has no boundary and does not consider material wealth. Love has no class and normally takes its own course despite of the many obstacles faced by individuals who have fallen in love.
What was the goal of the performance?
The play rekindles love memories among the married individuals. It also gave hope and courage to those in love and those on the process of falling in love, even though they come from different economic background and social setup.
Do you think the performance achieved its goal?
Yes, it moved the audiences and this indicated how much the audience followed the play. Going by the reaction of the audience, the play evoked feelings and one could see from the facial expression the degree of impact created by the play.
Work cited
William Shakespeare.The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare Library Classic. Filiquarian Publishing, 2007. Print. Read More
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