Analysis of The Life and Work of Sally Mann - Movie Review Example

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From the paper "Analysis of The Life and Work of Sally Mann Movie" it is clear that the documentary’s primary focus is Sally Mann; however, the documentary takes the viewer through Mann’s personal life with her children, husband, mother, and friends. …
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Analysis of The Life and Work of Sally Mann Movie
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In the ever-advancing technological age, contemporary photographers always aspire to produce excellent results in their work, which makes them use the latest equipment and processes to produce photographs. However, Sally Mann’s work demystifies the myth that only expensive and technologically advanced equipment can produce excellent results in photography. In effect, the documentary is a humbling experience to any artist since Mann uses old equipment and procedure to produce artistically beautiful photographs regardless of their technical flaws.
In effect, the documentary reveals Mann’s personality to the viewer, which makes the viewer understand her photography work. The documentary provides the viewer with an understanding of the factors behind the personal nature of Mann’s photographs. In this case, her preoccupation and strong relationship with her family are instrumental in Mann’s photography since some of the work may appear provocative, which underlines her open-mindedness.
As earlier indicated, Mann uses old equipment in the contemporary technological era. In this regard, her large-format camera requires exposure times of a number of minutes before use. In effect, this shows her patience and calmness, which provides her with the impulse to capture beautiful photographs. In addition, Mann produces her photos in a fragile and old process that makes her lose some photographs in the process. In this case, this is a depiction of a strong sense of idiosyncrasy, which implies her remarkable willingness to pursue unconventional ideas. Read More
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