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The following essay "Slavery by Another Name" is focused on the film devoted to the slavery subject. As the author puts it, it is the film that discusses how slavery has persisted despite the emancipation period initiated by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. …
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Slavery by Another Name
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Credits of ‘Slavery by another Name’
Slavery by another Name is a film that discusses how slavery has persisted despite the emancipation period initiated by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. I think that the film can be added to the course syllabus of an Africana Studies 100: Introduction to the Black Experience class.
Why is Slavery by another Name better?
Slavery by another Name is better compared to other documentaries on similar subject since it discusses historical expedition of African-American populace. Sam Pollard uses re-enactments to showcase the plight of black Americans using interviews with well-informed individuals on historical events, slaves’ children and the southern whites who practiced the imprisonment. He uses real letters, and photos to pass the message to viewers of the film.
It is evident that the film bases its topics under scholarly heritage, long-term experiences and contributions of African. The documentary highlights that slavery was effectively considered only after the World War 2.
The documentary also depicts themes such as forced labor that can be used by tutors’ in teaching students in class. Slavery by another Name is better since forced labor is a common topic practiced in the contemporary society; hence, still significant as subject to teach students (DeFore, 2012).
The film is better than others to be added in the course since it has a unique and exceptional topic that analyses the historical events in America. It talks of new findings in American history, since an individual has to involve in a thorough research to generate the topic. It is a summary and critique of the events that occurred amid the emancipation period and the end of the World War 2; therefore, making the documentary an outstanding one.
What type of experience or knowledge will students receive from this documentary?
I believe details in the documentary, Slavery by another Name, are relevant in teaching the course. The types of experience and knowledge students receive from this film are;
Students learn that constitutions are not perfect, and some have mistakes since they are written by a human being. For example, the 13th Amendment of the constitution did not fully eliminate slavery; it had a clause that read ‘except as a punishment for a crime’ that gave room for the whites to arrest the blacks for petty mistakes made. Africans who escaped being arrested faced the wrath of paying debts (DeFore, 2012).
Learners learn that racism is a negative factor in society and should not be practiced. Students learn that racism was the core reason for slavery. This knowledge will make them avoid practicing bigotry and advocate against it in the community.
Students learn that the backbone of the American economy was caused by slaves’ efforts who worked indefatigably. The knowledge is used to familiarize factors that made southern part flourish in industrialization. It is established that the southern part had the highest number of slaves (Pallitto, 2011). The business that enjoyed free labor faced the risk of making petite profit because of liberation of the slaves as laborers.
Learners get an experience typified by the extreme hardship slaves felt when made to work without a rest. Students learn the significance of having a rest and how current industries should utilize ethics when dealing with their workers. It is significant to note that companies failed to establish a long-term plan for their employees and subjected them to harsh regulations and policies to follow (Pallitto, 2011).
Sam Pollard succeeds in portraying lessons that can be used to edify students doing the course, Africana Studies 100. Lessons depicted such as the imprisonment of blacks, and forced labor after the emancipation period are significant in learning the course. Thus, the documentary is essential and should be used.
DeFore, J. (2012). Slavery by another Name: Sundance Film Review. The Hollywood Reporter.
Retrieved on April 20, 2012 from <> Pallitto, R. M. (2011). Torture and State Violence in the United States: A Short Documentary
History. Baltimore, Maryland: JHU Press. Read More
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