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In the paper “My Left Foot” the author describes his feeling after watching the film towards the handicapped people are questioned. All throughout the film, the portrayal of the problematic situation is something that is rendered excellently…
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My Left Foot
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My Left Foot Health disorders are actually bothering and frustrating. I cannot deny that upon watching the film,my values and sensibilities towards the handicapped people are questioned. I have felt the struggle of the character, Christy Brown. All throughout the film, the portrayal of the problematic situation is something that is rendered excellently.
There are moments where the disability is taken advantaged of and is being considered as a spectacle. In the film abuses are experienced by Christy. Having that seen, I felt that people, in most cases, do not show any respect or compassion with the plight of these people. They have been treated like a burden and nuisance. To a certain extent, they are deprived of caring, which they must deserve. I strongly feel that this kind of situation is unjust for all of those who are handicapped. They are not treated as decent as a normal human being should, which is already unjust and unacceptable because it is ethically and morally wrong.
On the other hand, there are moments where Christy is treated like he is a major spectacle. People would clamour towards him. I felt that people are fascinated about his condition. However, there are instances that people abused him and took advantage of him due to his crippled and incompetent state. People made fun of him. This is quite frustrating because of the insensitivity and inconsideration about his situation. There are moments that handicapped people might do something that is spectacular but it is even unfair for them to be objects of entertainment. It might be good to applaud these handicaps of what they can do but it is not fair for them to be treated as such because it appears quite tokenistic.
I daresay it is tokenistic in that case due to the fact that people just recognize that good and plausible things that these handicapped people are capable of doing. What seems to be more problematic, in terms of my perspective, is that those people, who have enjoyed upon seeing such, have not done anything tangible to help these handicapped people to improve their conditions further. This is something that struck me in the whole process of watching the film due to the virtuosity of the actors and actresses to show the pain and madness; the frustrations and delight.
In the end, I realized that I have not shown so much care, compassion and sensitivity to the handicapped people. I do felt that I have a responsibility to help them in any way possible. This is not just a matter of showing moral support whenever they exert efforts to show what they are capable of. This is a matter of showing a desire to help and be responsible for others. I truly think that this is important. No matter what the state of a person is, he or she deserves the respect that he or she must earn just by simply being human, regardless of the disability and status.
I also realized that the handicapped people will get what a normal person rightfully owns: right to a decent life, respect, care and love. This would only show that one must act more than what it really means to be a human. Read More
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